How To Ship A Million Units Of Anything

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January 23, 2024

Don’t make people pay extra, just to receive goods from you. Offer free shipping. Give them every incentive to order from you and cover your costs by including them in the price of the goods you sell. 

Even better, offer memberships. Get people to pay you a monthly subscription and every month, send them their orders in the post. Make it as automatic as possible to encourage them to continue spending money with you. 

Key Takeaways on Shipping a Million Units of a Product:

  • Offer Free Shipping: Include shipping costs in the price of goods to incentivise customers without charging extra at checkout.
  • Provide Subscriptions: Encourage repeat business by offering monthly subscriptions that automatically send orders to customers.
  • Maintain Sufficient Stock: Before marketing campaigns, ensure you have enough stock and consider renting additional warehousing to meet demand.
  • Focus on the Customer: Highlight how your products meet customer needs rather than boasting about your company's prestige.
  • Define Your Buyer: Clearly identify your target audience to tailor your advertising campaigns effectively.
  • Build Rapport: Establish a strong, positive relationship with your audience before progressing them through the sales funnel.
  • Use Simple Language: Communicate in a way that's easy for customers to understand, avoiding industry jargon.
  • Listen to Feedback: Pay attention to customer feedback and look for common themes to improve your product offerings.

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Make Sure You Have Enough Stock

Before you launch your big marketing drive, make sure that you have enough stock. Rent our extra warehousing if you need to. Ensure that you always have products available for when customers order them and also packaging like these large letter cardboard boxes to deliver your items. Never leave it to chance. 

Make It All About Your Audience

Don’t bother talking about how “prestigious” your company is, or how long you’ve been in business. Nobody really cares. Just offer products in a way that shows customers that it’s all about them. Make it clear that they’re your number one priority and that the product is meant to meet their needs. 

Define Your Buyer

Check that you know exactly who you are selling to. You want to define your buyer so that you’re not in any doubt about who you need to target in your ad campaigns. 

Build Plenty Of Rapport

Make sure that your target audience really knows who you are and what you’re about. Focus on building a good relationship with them first before moving on to the final stage of the sales funnel. Ensure that your relationship is fun and that they have confidence in you to serve their needs. 

Talk To Customers On Their Level

When you work in an industry all day, it’s tempting to use its jargon. But, remember, most customers aren’t a part of your sector and don’t work in it. Therefore, you’ll need to communicate with them on their level.

In practice, this means using language they are familiar with. Keep it simple and to the point. Don’t confuse them with long sentences or paragraphs that don’t make a lot of sense. Keep the message clear.

Listen Carefully

Lastly, you’ll want to listen carefully to what customers say about your enterprise and products. Take note of any themes that emerge and then ask what you can do to make your product offerings better. 

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