Is There Such A Thing As Universal Training For Staff?

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March 13, 2023

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When business advice columns recommend staff management, it will always be limited to a certain category of applicable employees for convenience sake. So for example, an article may discuss how to manage restaurant staff, how to care for office workers, or even how to apply temp workers to fill in staff absences for the time being.

When we talk this way, it’s in order to be direct and to apply some advice to a practical end point. But this begs the question - despite all of the essential job categories out there, is there any training and development worthy of your investment which will be applicable to any and all professionals that work for you? Might that provide a worthwhile base when investing in your staff, making sure everyone in your premises is on the same page, and ultimately helping them feel more satisfied in their careers with you?

It’s a question worth asking. We believe there are some universal topics that staff can become qualified in, no matter what business you run. Let’s see what those might be:

Fire Awareness Training

Fire awareness training is important no matter where you work, or how you deliver your value. That’s because the unfortunate reality is that no matter what, fire is a risk if you occupy a building, and even if you work outside. It’s all about learning the risks, how to manage them, and what to do should you notice a fire, such as how to properly report it and evacuate the area. This is training that can save lives, and it’s hard to think of a better purpose for training than that.

First-Aid Training

Of course, first-aid training can save lives, too. In order to meet actual compliance, your business will have to make sure that it actually does have a number of staff members able to apply first-aid out of a certain team. In some countries it’s one in thirty, but this can increase or decrease depending on where you are. But of course, it’s healthy and worthwhile to make sure many of your staff members undergo this training. Again, lives can be saved, and that’s no joke. Moreover, it could help save a life outside of your workplace. It’s hard not to see value in that.

Adopting Industry Compliance

As compliance changes in various industries, your staff will need to know how to relate to it, and to fulfill it. Compliance training might take various forms, but it will absolutely be relevant in a general sense, and investing in it is key. This might take the shape of making sure staff understand cybersecurity practices, methodology, and reporting issues. Alternatively, it might be that your manufacturing staff become aware of new economic zone standards now you’re curated products to be sold in the EU. This helps you refine yourself as a professional, and in the long run allows you to widen your approach.

With this advice, we hope you can better take universal training for staff, especially if you’re not sure how to invest in their professional development.

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