Maximising Impact At Business Events: How To Attract Attention

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June 10, 2024

Attending business events, such as trade shows and fairs, can help businesses to raise brand awareness and boost sales, but how do you attract attention? In a room full of stands and booths, how can your brand lure customers in and build a crowd? If you’re keen to shine at the next event, here are some tips to maximise impact.

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Key Takeaways on Making an Impact at Business Events

  1. Choose Relevant Events: Research and select events that align with your target audience, considering factors like costs, accessibility, and scale to ensure they are worth the investment.
  2. Research Event Details: Look into attendance records, consumer preferences, and fees to make informed decisions about which trade shows or fairs to attend.
  3. Make Your Display Stand Out: Design an eye-catching, unique booth that reflects your brand identity using consistent colors, lighting, and visual media.
  4. Use Modular Stands: Opt for a modular exhibition stand for flexibility and the ability to adapt to different spaces and audiences, enhancing both style and functionality.
  5. Create Interactive Experiences: Engage visitors with interactive displays, product demonstrations, and opportunities to try products to make your booth more attractive.
  6. Offer Freebies and Samples: Attract crowds by handing out samples or branded freebies, and use discounts or deals to incentivise on-the-spot purchases.
  7. Collect Customer Details: Gather contact information from visitors to follow up and encourage repeat purchases, ensuring continued engagement beyond the event.
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Choose the right events

The first task to undertake when utilising business events to showcase your brand and bring in new customers is to research events. Look online for details of local, national or international gatherings and streamline your search to find relevant events. Focus on your target customer and consider costs, accessibility and scale. Ideally, you want to find a trade show or exhibition that will enable you to connect with buyers who are likely to be interested in the products you sell. If you own a company that makes artisan snacks, for example, food festivals and food and drink trade shows are an excellent option. Research fees and analyse data linked to attendance records and consumer purchases and preferences.

Make your display stand out

Most trade shows and fairs involve multiple businesses, which are all vying for attention from the same pool of customers. The aim for company owners and representatives is to stand out from the crowd. You want people to see your display or booth and want to find out more. Think carefully about style and aesthetics, but don’t forget about functionality. A modular exhibition stand design offers flexibility and the freedom to adjust and adapt to different audiences and spaces. It’s also a great idea to customise your stand to ensure that it is unique. Showcase your brand and give people an insight into what the business offers and how it could help them. Use colours, lighting and visual media that are consistent with your brand and relevant to your target market. A stand for a legal firm or a financial organisation will probably look very different to a toy company or a children’s clothing line, for example.

Bring people in

Crowds attract people at trade shows and events. If there’s a line of people waiting by a display, others will want to know what’s going on and get involved. You can build crowds by ensuring that your booth is attractive and creating an experience. Add interactive displays, provide demonstrations and opportunities to try products and hand out samples or branded freebies. Incentivise on-the-spot purchases with discounts and deals and take customer details so that you can stay in touch and encourage repeat purchases. 

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Attending events is a brilliant way to drum up interest in your brand, introduce products and services to new customers and increase sales. If you’re going to your first event, or you’re keen to make an impact at the next trade show, take these tips on board. Research events and choose shows and fairs that are relevant to your brand and target audience. Create an eye-catching stand, celebrate and showcase your USP and bring crowds in with free samples, giveaways, demos and interactive displays. 

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