Most Effective Forms of Marketing in 2020

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May 7, 2024

In 2020, your options for marketing are extremely diverse. You can choose from a variety of different mediums and research your target audience in a far more advance way than even 10 or 15 years ago. Of course, with more accessible platforms for businesses to market, there is a lot more competition for your customers’ attention. So how do you stand out in such a competitive market?

The key is to find the right forms of marketing for your business, and it’s a good idea to start by taking a look at which forms are marketing are getting the most attention today. No matter what industry your company works in, the following forms of marketing could play a very important role in your company’s future success.

Key Takeaways on The Most Effective Forms of Marketing:

  • Physical Mail: Despite the digital age, physical mail remains effective. Personalised items like pamphlets, newspapers, and branded products like hats or magnets can create a tangible connection with customers.
  • Digital Marketing: Essential for any business, digital marketing through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, along with SEO, offers high ROI. It's particularly beneficial for small businesses, allowing them to reach a global audience cost-effectively.
  • Innovative Video Marketing Strategies: Video marketing, exemplified by companies like Be Inspired Films, leverages storytelling and high-quality production to enhance brand visibility and engagement. It's a powerful tool in a crowded digital landscape.
  • Video Marketing: Creating interactive videos that showcase your company's essence, products, or services can be highly effective. These videos can range from story-driven content to informative or instructional formats.
  • Email Marketing: As a subset of digital marketing, email is highly cost-effective. It allows businesses to send updates, newsletters, and promotional content directly to customers who have shown interest.
  • Physical Presence: Participating in local festivals, community fairs, and conventions can be a great way to physically market your products or services. It helps in building physical business connections and directly engaging with potential customers.

These takeaways highlight a blend of traditional and modern marketing strategies, emphasising the importance of physical mail, digital and video marketing, email campaigns, and maintaining a physical presence in the market for effective business promotion.

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

Physical Mail

Even though we are living in the information age where people are largely influenced by what they see through electronic mediums such as the internet and television, physical mail is still going strong. Things such as pamphlets, newspapers and other personalized items can be very useful for marketing and shipped to potential customers through mail. Research shows physical mail may still be more effective than other platforms of marketing, as it is far more interactive than a tv commercial or billboard that is easy to pass right by. With physical mail your customers are holding onto something in their own hands, which provides more value to them. Sending products in the mail such as personalised hats or magnets with your company logo on them can help spread your brand as well.

Physical Large Format Advertising

Amid exploring various marketing strategies, don't overlook the impact of physical advertising. Large format poster printing can capture customer attention in busy spaces, making it an excellent tool for local promotions. For businesses looking to go big with their advertising efforts, go big with large format poster printing offers a vibrant way to stand out and make a memorable impression.

Digital Marketing

It goes without saying that in today’s digital world, an online presence is an essential part to any business’s success. Websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great places to build relationships with your customers worldwide, and marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) help increase your visibility to those potential customers. For a small business owner who can’t necessarily compete in traditional advertisements like billboards and television ads, digital marketing is a great equaliser. It allows smaller businesses to gain access to customers even with a smaller budget. Digital marketing offers higher ROI than most traditional marketing platforms, and allows your business to reach customers wherever they are, through their mobile phones and computers.

While exploring various marketing strategies, it's important to tailor your approach to specific industries. For those in the healthcare sector, implementing targeted healthcare marketing ideas can significantly enhance engagement with your audience. This includes understanding the unique needs and preferences of different demographics, such as millennial patients, and adapting your marketing strategies accordingly. By focusing on specialized marketing tactics, healthcare businesses can effectively reach and resonate with their target audience, leading to increased patient engagement and business growth.

Innovative Video Marketing Strategies

While exploring the most effective marketing forms of 2024 (yes, we've finally updated the article!!), it's crucial to highlight the impact of video marketing. A prime example of this is the content created by companies such as Be Inspired Films in London, which showcases how compelling storytelling and high-quality video production can significantly enhance brand visibility and engagement. Effective video marketing demonstrates the power of visual storytelling in capturing the audience's attention and conveying a brand's message in an impactful way. Integrating such innovative video marketing strategies can be a game-changer for businesses looking to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


According to Nielson, 92% of people trust the reviews of other individuals over reviews made by brands. Even if reviews have been made by complete strangers, people will still trust those reviews more, as they are perceived as unbiased. So, it is wise to find someone with a good reputation and following who can review your goods and services.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another modern tool that is a very effective marketing tactic. Create videos that allow customers to interact and visually experience what your company is, what they sell, and how they can expect to be treated. The videos don’t have to directly advertise a good or service by talking about it like a commercial; it can have a storyline or be informative like a documentary. It can even be a walkthrough of how to use your website and what they can expect to find on it.


Though considered a part of digital marketing, it’s worth taking a separate look at email as a marketing platform. Through the use of emails, companies can send announcement updates and online newsletters to customers that have reached out to them in the past. Email marketing is also the most cost-effective form of marketing out there, with no postage or printing fees.

Put your Presence Out There

Another great way to market your good or service is to physically put your presence out there. Look online for local festivals or community fairs. Go out and rent a table with information and goods relating to your business. You should look for conventions where people with your goods and services go to network and show their items. Physical business connections can be a great marketing source for your business.

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