Must Know Blogging Statistics to Boost Your Business

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March 17, 2023

Blogging Statistics to Boost Your Business and Website Visits
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There is no one secret to quickly growing your business, but if your goal is to establish yourself on the web and gain a steady customer base as quickly as possible there are trends and stats you can consider to help you make better data-informed decisions.

With over 3 billion searches being made on Google every day, it’s estimated that 77% of internet users read and interact with blogs. This is a good sign for your business as creating blog content can be inexpensive and provide you with better brand recognition and more leads.

Not only can savvy blog content help you attract and retain customers but 70% of consumers prefer to learn about brands and products through custom content as opposed to traditional ads. This can help you create a form of marketing that feels personal, not transactional.

All of that being said, growing a profitable blog doesn’t happen overnight. Like many other thriving industries, the blogging space is frequent to change as more and more websites are created and Google updates it’s algorithm. With more than 576,000 websites being created each day, business owners need to do more to stay in the know of blogging trends.

To help you grow your business fast, WebsiteSetup provided a list of must-know trends to make your blog stand out in 2021. From the anatomy of successful blog posts to key learnings and predictions, their visual and guide highlights stats that can help you hit your goals and streamline your strategy. Incorporate a few of their blogging statistics and strategies to help you make confident decisions this year.

Blogging Statistics

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