My BIGGEST business mistake of 2018

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October 30, 2022

My BIGGEST business mistakes of 2018 - Robin Waite
Want to Close Bigger Deals?

We are all in this together, so I’m going to share this because, well I’m an idiot sometimes!

And I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Despite being The Fearless Business Coach, I’m still human and not immune to bouts of stupidity.

Some of you have noticed I’ve jumped onto the “marketing bandwagon” over the last 6 months.

From the delivery of the Magical Marketing Mystery Machine talk at StroudNet in June, to publishing Business Marketing Secrets in September and still delivering a (brilliant version, I might add) version of the MMMM talk in Hereford last week.

But, something struck me today.

My superhero Fearless powers lie in the following, helping people to understand:

  • Why their business was set for failure before it even launched
  • How growing a business IS NOT all about Marketing

and the secret sauce behind my entire, OK, not entire, programme

  • my Product Architecture Model - designed to nail your product offer, pricing and value proposition

So, why have I spent several months just talking about fucking marketing...

...when that isn’t your BIGGEST PROBLEM!!

For pretty much every business owner I meet, the problem isn’t marketing, but it’s the business ITSELF along with its OWNER which is broken.

Those are typically what need fixing first before you switch on the marketing tap.

How did I realise this?

Well, I actually went to a pretty dark place yesterday.

No...not Gloucester...

My soul, my heart and soul is not in fixing people’s marketing problems.

I am bloody good at it though...

But no.

On several occasions I’ve found myself doing people’s Facebook Ads simultaneously telling my client,

“Please don’t tell anyone I’m doing your FB Ads, I don’t want to be known as the FB Ads Guy!”

I am pretty bloody good at them though.

In part due to the vast sum of cash I’ve paid into learning how to get it right. But that’s something for another day.

But guess who are the only people my marketing techniques have worked for?




Yep, existing clients whose businesses I’ve already had the opportunity to work with and fine tune.

It reminded me of the client who insisted they had a “Sales and Marketing” problem when I met them 18 months ago.


We realised they had £10k of stock sat on the shelves and £40k debtors...

...they realised it was a problem with their business processes...

...and not a marketing problem.

We literally closed the doors to their shop for 6 weeks whilst they cleared out the stock and used a factoring company to collect in the best part of £50k in cash and put it back in their bank.

To put that into perspective that was equivalent to 2.5x a month of their turnover. But basically in cash with NO OVERHEAD.

So, ask yourself this question.

"Do I need more clients?"


"Do I have a business problem that needs fixing first?"


Robin Waite

Your Fearless Business Coach

PS - I’ll be releasing a Business Blueprint in the next few weeks, so hit me up in the comments below if that would be of interest.

PPS - The Business Blueprint will be the three core pillars of Fearless Business laid bare in a single 30-Minute Video with a supporting Worksheet.

I’m off to kick some fucking ass.

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