Navigating the Maze - Unravelling Common Challenges in Product Marking and Coding

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November 20, 2023

Challenges can sometimes trip up even the most seasoned performers in the intricate dance of product marking and coding, where precision is paramount. Fear not, for we're here to shine a spotlight on the common stumbling blocks and offer a helping hand in troubleshooting these issues. 

Let's embark on a journey to demystify the challenges and ensure your product coding performance is nothing short of a seamless waltz.

Key Takeaways on Common Challenges in Product Marketing and Coding

  • Faded Codes and Illegible Marks: Choose high-quality inks suitable for your product, ensure clean surfaces, and adjust printer settings for better adhesion.
  • Code Smudging: Select inks designed for your substrate, adjust print speeds for drying time, and consider instant drying solutions like i-mark’s thermal ink jet.
  • Uneven Printing: Regular printhead maintenance, calibration, and matching printer settings to product specifications bring harmony back to printing.
  • Equipment Downtime: Establish routine maintenance, promptly replace worn parts, and invest in quality equipment to ensure a smooth production flow.
  • Code Verification Woes: Regularly calibrate code verification systems, position sensors correctly for consistent verification, ensuring codes align with labelling laws.
  • Troubleshooter's Mindset: Approach challenges with a troubleshooter's mindset. Transform coding challenges into success by selecting the right inks, diligent equipment maintenance, and fine-tuning settings.
  • Symphony of Success: Transform coding challenges into a symphony of success by addressing each hiccup with troubleshooting techniques. From faded codes to misaligned marks, troubleshoot effectively for flawless product coding performance.
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Faded Codes and Illegible Marks: The Mystery of Vanishing Ink

Ever encountered the frustration of codes fading into oblivion, leaving you with illegible marks? Fear not, for this challenge often stems from incorrect ink selection or poor adhesion. Opt for high-quality inks suitable for your product and packaging material. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before coding, and consider adjusting printer settings to enhance adhesion. It's a simple fix that can turn faded frustrations into crisp, clear triumphs.

Code Smudging: When Precision Takes an Unexpected Blur

Ah, the woes of code smudging—a common woe in the world of product coding. This hiccup can arise from using incompatible inks or printing at speeds beyond the ink's drying capabilities. The remedy? Choose inks designed for your substrate, and adjust print speeds to allow for adequate drying time. It's like finding the right tempo for a flawless performance. Notably, i-mark’s thermal ink jet solutions are renowned for their instant drying time, making your product coding so much more convenient – and fast. 

Uneven Printing: The Tango of Misaligned Marks

Picture this: a beautifully choreographed dance interrupted by misaligned codes. Uneven printing can be attributed to issues such as dirty printheads or incorrect print settings. Regular printhead maintenance and calibration are the heroes here. Keep those printheads clean, and ensure your printer settings match the specifications of your product and packaging. It's a simple two-step that brings harmony back to your coding tango.

Equipment Downtime: When the Music Comes to a Halt

The show must go on, but what if your coding equipment decides to take an unscheduled intermission? Various factors, including worn-out components or insufficient maintenance, can cause equipment downtime. Establish a routine maintenance schedule, replace worn parts promptly, and invest in quality equipment to minimise unplanned breaks in performance. It's the backstage crew ensuring a smooth production on the coding stage.

Code Verification Woes: Ensuring the Dance Is in Step

In the intricate routine of product coding, verifying the accuracy of each code is crucial. Yet, verification challenges can arise from technical glitches or misaligned sensors. Regularly calibrate your code verification systems, and ensure sensors are positioned correctly. It's akin to rehearsing the steps to perfection—consistent verification ensures your codes are always in step and that your products are abiding by the labelling laws

Turning Challenges into a Symphony of Success

As we navigate through the common challenges of product marking and coding, it's essential to approach each hiccup with a troubleshooter's mindset. You transform coding challenges into a symphony of success by selecting the right inks, maintaining equipment diligently, and fine-tuning settings. So, whether you're dealing with faded codes or misaligned marks, remember—the spotlight is on troubleshooting, and with these tips, your product coding performance is set to be a flawless, crowd-pleasing act. Here's to turning challenges into triumphs in the captivating world of product marking and coding!

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