Renting a Premises is Okay, Building Your Own is Better

Renting a Premises is Okay, Building Your Own is Better
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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any businesses rent premises. And the economic reasons for doing so are understandable. Companies want to minimise their short-term financial risk and keep their cash flow healthy. They don’t want to burn through all their capital upfront.

Unfortunately, generic premises never quite serve businesses perfectly. Commercial property owners know that they need their premises to serve a broad swathe of businesses if they want them to be successful. So they are often unwilling to offer anything too bespoke. It narrows down their target market too much.

When you construct your own purpose-built premises, however, it changes the dynamic completely. You get something that fits your brand like a hand in a glove.

In this post, we take a look at some of the things you need to know before setting up your own space. Check out the following ideas:

Leave Room For Hosting Events

Companies often get so carried away with how their operations will determine their workplaces that they forget to think about the need to use them for events too. It’s highly likely in the course of your business that you’ll need to host large groups, even if it’s only employees.

Consider Accessibility

You’ll also want to consider accessibility in the design phase. Customers, clients and workers may have disabilities. If you don’t provide access for them, your brand reputation and revenues could suffer.

Make sure that you offer parking for disabled uses. Offer disabled toilets, and if money allows, install an elevator. Try to avoid lips between the interior and exterior of your premises as these can prevent wheelchair access.

Pick A Quality Contractor

Make sure that you choose a quality contractor who has worked on commercial developments in the past. Ensure that they understand your requirements in full.

Specifically, look for firms that offer high-quality construction methods. Check whether they use techniques like flying-end mesh reinforcement and computer aided design.

Plan Your Workspace Using AI

The next step is to plan your workspace so that you can arrange everything optimally. Instead of doing this manually, use AI solutions to do it for you. These are able to optimise your setup based on various parameters, such as employee comfort, access to daylight, and distance colleagues need to walk to get to facilities.

Choose A Location That Everyone Will Love

Whenever you choose a business premises, it’s critical to get the location right. Where you set up your firm can have a massive effect on how successful it is.

How precisely you decide to locate depends very much on the industry in which you work. Some brands will need to get as close to customers as possible and set up shop next to rival brands. Others need to find locations that workers can easily access.

Location can also determine the price that you pay to run your premises. For instance, you may find that taxes are higher in some neighborhoods and cities than other. You’ll also need to consider delivery vehicle access if you are a company that needs to handle products.

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