Spam Tester Integration: How to Seamlessly Incorporate It into Your Marketing Workflow

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June 26, 2024

One of the most fruitful strategies for companies to follow up with their clients is to send them emails with insights, product arrivals, how-tos, etc. Specialists put their hearts into coming up with the most relevant and intriguing information so that their contacts would want to open and read the email.  

However, many companies keep encountering challenges. Your email campaigns can be truly well-written and captivating, but still, there’s low deliverability. Why does that keep happening?  

The most obvious reason is that email providers just don’t let your messages come into the inboxes of clients. Providers just don’t want their users to get unwanted messages. They configure spam filters that can block even legitimate messages.  

If you don’t want your messages to land in Spam, you need to take advantage of an efficient spam tester. We’re going to tell you how you can have a hassle-free experience by incorporating this effective tool into your marketing workflow. 

Key Takeaways on Spam Tester Integrations

  1. Effective Email Content: Crafting compelling email content is crucial for engagement and deliverability.
  2. Spam Filter Challenges: Even well-written emails can get flagged by spam filters, affecting deliverability.
  3. Role of Spam Testers: Spam testers analyse emails preemptively to identify potential issues and optimise deliverability.
  4. Choosing the Right Tool: Select a spam tester that offers comprehensive analysis and integrates well with your email marketing tools.
  5. Early Integration Benefits: Integrate spam testing early in your campaign planning to prevent last-minute setbacks.
  6. Integration with Workflow: Seamless integration with your existing email tools streamlines the testing process and enhances efficiency.
  7. Continuous Improvement: Regularly use spam testers to adapt to evolving email provider policies and improve email performance.
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The usefulness of a spam tester   

Before you send messages to your recipients, you take some time to mull over what the subject should be, how your message should start, what significant info should be in the body and other important parts of your email. You don’t know how filters that are to check your message would react to the content of your message.  

You can create a campaign and run it without any second thoughts. After that, you can find out that only a small percentage of your messages were delivered and read.  

If you want that percentage not to be mediocre but high, you should get detailed feedback on possible issues your whole message might have. That’s what a professional spam tester can provide you with. You’ll get a chance to make vital changes before sending out your messages.  

How to integrate a helpful tool into your workflow  

Choose the right tool  

If you start researching spam testers that are out there on the web, you might get a little headache since there are too many of them. However, you wouldn’t want to settle for any tool that might not give you comprehensive analysis.  

Some checkers might only tell you that your messages are flagged as unsolicited, and that’s it. If you’re a trustworthy company, that would not be enough for you. You need a spam tester which can give an in-depth evaluation of your messages. Moreover, it should have an intuitive interface so that it’s easy to work with it. It wouldn’t hurt if an app could work with other important apps that you use for email marketing.  

Identify possible issues in advance  

When you start thinking of a new campaign, you need time to come up with ideas for it. That’s the time when you need to integrate a reliable spam tester. If you do it at the last minute, you might find out that all your ideas are trash. Thus, it wouldn’t be a cost-efficient method.  

As soon as you have some drafts, you need to run your ideas through the tool to find out if there are any issues. In the early phase of your content creation process, you can spot mistakes and not let them hinder successful deliverability rates in the future.  

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Make integration with your email marketing platform  

When you use several applications in your workflow, it can be challenging when you have to switch between them. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could work together seamlessly?  

Most valuable spam testers offer integration options with other tools. As soon as you do this, your whole testing progress will be streamlined. This will help with your automation endeavours.  

Delve into feedback  

Such tools can provide you with in-depth reports on how your drafts are doing. As soon as you get your first report, you’ll get an idea of what you should change. The more reports you get, the more knowledge you get about what you should include in your message and what you should not. We all learn from our mistakes. It’s all part of our learning process. As you accumulate experience, you’ll start making fewer mistakes. However, even if you master the art of creating spam-free messages, it doesn’t mean you should refuse to use spam testers. 

Continuous monitoring  

Email providers make changes to their policies constantly. That’s why testing is not just a one-time task, it’s an ongoing process. By using a spam tester regularly, you’ll make sure that the content of your emails is safe and sound.  

Another vital thing is to know that your readers are intrigued by getting messages from you and they do actually open and read them. A good spam tester will give you more insights than you could have ever imagined.  


It can be quite toilsome when you work hard on your email marketing campaign and find out that your messages are treated like unwanted. You can get rid of that by using a high-quality spam tester. It will not only tell you that you come up with spammy messages, but it’ll tell you what you need to do to improve them.  

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