Three Things You Shouldn't Do Yourself When Starting a Business

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January 8, 2024

Some of the appeal of starting a new business is that you are creating something from nothing, and going through with something you have thought out and planned. You are the one who will be making the decisions, and you are the one who has the ideas and the motivation to put them in place. Of course, when the business is your idea, once things are up and running, you’ll feel an immense sense of pride having created something that is completely unique.

Many startup entrepreneurs can end up taking on different responsibilities, which can mean that things start to get a little overwhelming. It can be tempting to try and do as much as you can yourself, but then it can become tough when you’re not necessarily skilled or knowledgeable in that area. If it leaves you feeling burnt out or overwhelmed and not being able to put 100% into the business, then it can make a big difference to the success of the business. So with that in mind, here are some of the things that you shouldn’t try to do yourself as you start your business, unless you are completely knowledgeable in that area.

Key Takeaways on 3 Things Not to Do When Starting a Business:

  1. Legal Issues: Avoid handling legal matters on your own unless you have legal expertise. Seek professional advice for contracts, patents, hiring, and other legal aspects to prevent potential long-term costs or legal vulnerabilities.
  2. IT: Consider outsourcing IT management, especially for online-based businesses. Hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can ensure customer data security, minimise downtime, and quickly resolve technical issues.
  3. Human Resources: Outsource human resources management to experts, especially as your team grows. Professional HR services can provide invaluable advice on hiring, training, and employee care, beyond basic employment contracts.

These takeaways emphasise the importance of seeking professional assistance in legal, IT, and HR matters to ensure the smooth and secure operation of a startup business.

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Legal issues

Unless you have previously trained as a lawyer, then it is important to get advice and help for your business when it comes to anything legal. All it can take is just one badly worded contract or a small detail overlooked and it could cost the business big in the long-term or make the business vulnerable to some legal action. Getting insurance is something that you can do yourself, but it is still worth getting advice from a legal standpoint when it comes to making products, hiring, and getting patents or other legal aspects sorted out.


Your IT can be a lot of work, especially if you are a business that is based solely online. With this in mind, many business owners look for an MSP (Managed Service Provider) as when you have customer details and information, it needs to be kept safe and secure, which can be a lot of work to stay on top of when you have the rest of the business to run. Using managed IT services for your business can help in a variety of areas, so it is definitely something to consider so that things are secure, as well as making sure that downtime is minimum and problems can be quickly resolved.

Human resources

Similar to legal issues, it can be a good idea to outsource to an expert in human resources to handle things when you have a number of employees. There are things to consider here that you may not be aware of, that go further than just looking at an employment contract. Human resources looks at the hiring process as well as the training and overall care of employees. The advice that they can offer can be invaluable, which is why it is important to consider outsourcing. You may not be hiring right away, being a startup, but it is definitely something to consider when the time comes.

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