Tips To Set Up A New Business In Italy With An Investor Visa

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March 13, 2023

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Starting a business overseas has a broad set of challenges. You must know the market opportunities and competition, local laws, and overall feasibility of the business environment at your destination. Understanding the immigration norms is equally crucial because you will have to move to the country to set up your venture there. Italy is among the preferred entrepreneurial destinations because it suffices on all fronts. Besides favorable opportunities, it lets you get in easily with an investor visa. If you want to know the route better, check the complete guide on for understanding more about it. Here are some more tips to set up your new business in Italy with an investor visa.

Decide your investment value

Expect to bring a considerable amount because an Italian investor visa is mainly about investment. The minimum is €250,000 in an innovative startup, while you may pick an established business and provide it a €500,000 funding. Likewise, you may donate €1 million for a philanthropic cause or purchase €2 million worth of Italian government bonds. Since money is often a concern for startups, consider the amount you can invest. The good thing is that you have the option to pick according to your capacity. You need not pinch your startup wallet to set up a global business in this part of the world.

Extend your business across the EU

After picking the investment alternative, you can start with the process. You need to obtain a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) with proof of valid funds. After getting it, you can apply for an investor visa at your local consulate. The entire process takes a few months, so you can set up your venture sooner than you expect. When you land with an investor visa, residence status comes next. Once you have it, you can extend your business across the EU as you get the benefit of visa-free travel across these countries. It means you have the opportunity to tap into a broader market without worrying about travel restrictions every time you have a business meeting.

Stay as a citizen

Establishing a business in another country entails a commitment to living there for the long haul. An investor visa permits you to bring your family without extra funding and start life afresh in Italy. You can even stay as a citizen because you will get a second passport eventually. You get a start with a two-year residence permit, and you can extend it for another three years by applying for renewal. Completing five years as a resident entitles you to permanent residence. Stay back for another five years to qualify for citizenship by naturalisation. Your family navigates the same route, and you can stay here for good and grow your business over the years. All you need to do is continue holding your investment.

Setting up a global business is easy as you can immigrate in a hassle-free way with an investor visa. Live like a resident, extend your business across the EU, and stay here for the long haul to realise your dream.

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