Top 10 Los Angeles Publishers: Celebrating Literary Diversity and Creativity

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August 4, 2023

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is not just a hub for entertainment and film but also a thriving centre for literature and publishing. From mainstream giants to independent houses, LA boasts a vibrant literary scene with publishers that cater to a diverse range of genres and voices. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 Los Angeles publishers that have made their mark on the literary landscape.

Key Takeaways on Top 10 LA Publishers

  1. MindStir Media: A dynamic and author-friendly publisher offering comprehensive services across various genres, maintaining a focus on personalised support.
  2. Unnamed Press: An independent house bridging cultures with diverse fiction and nonfiction from local and international authors.
  3. Phoneme Media: A not-for-profit organisation promoting cross-cultural understanding through translated literary works and films.
  4. Red Hen Press: A respected literary press committed to high-quality literature and supporting local literacy initiatives.
  5. Arktoi Books: An imprint of Red Hen Press dedicated to publishing high-quality literary fiction by lesbian authors.
  6. Asylum Press: A publisher specialising in science fiction, action, and horror graphic books with visually immersive art.
  7. Angel City Press: Preserving and celebrating the history and culture of Los Angeles and Southern California.
  8. Rare Bird Books: An independent publisher promoting emerging writers and diverse voices that challenge norms.
  9. Tsehai Publishers: Focused on African literature, history, and culture, promoting diverse voices and perspectives.
  10. Sahaja Publications: A publisher of spirituality and self-help books inspiring personal growth and well-being.
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1. MindStir Media 

Founded by J.J. Hebert, MindStir Media is a dynamic and forward-thinking publishing house based in Los Angeles. They offer comprehensive publishing services to both aspiring and established authors, ensuring that each book gets the attention and support it deserves. MindStir Media specialises in a wide range of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and children's books.

What sets MindStir Media apart is its personalised approach to publishing. They work closely with authors throughout the entire publishing process, from editing and design to distribution and marketing. Their dedication to providing top-notch author support has earned them a reputation as a reliable and author-friendly publisher.

MindStir Media's commitment to quality is evident in the polished and professional look of their books. Whether you're a first-time author or a seasoned writer, MindStir Media welcomes submissions and considers each manuscript with care. Their focus on building lasting relationships with authors and helping them achieve their publishing goals makes them a valuable addition to the Los Angeles publishing community.

2. Unnamed Press

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Unnamed Press is an independent publishing house that takes pride in publishing exceptional fiction and nonfiction from both local and international authors. They bridge the gap between cultures, bringing diverse narratives to readers. With a focus on both emerging and established authors, Unnamed Press showcases literary voices that might otherwise go unheard. Their commitment to quality storytelling and supporting global literary talent makes them a significant player in the LA publishing scene.

3. Phoneme Media

As a not-for-profit media organisation, Phoneme Media has a unique mission of promoting cross-cultural understanding through translated literary works and films. They believe in the power of storytelling to connect people and ideas from different corners of the world. By publishing translated books, they provide access to literature that might not otherwise be available to English-speaking audiences. Their dedication to promoting cultural exchange sets them apart in the publishing world.

4. Red Hen Press

Founded in 1994 by Kate Gale and Mark E. Cull, Red Hen Press is a respected not-for-profit literary press based in Pasadena. This independent publisher has a broad scope, producing works in literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and memoirs. Red Hen Press is not only committed to high-quality literature but also to supporting local schools' literacy initiatives and promoting diversity in storytelling. They offer various literary awards, adding to their reputation as a champion of literary excellence.

5. Arktoi Books

An imprint of Red Hen Press, Arktoi Books was established by Eloise Klein Healy in 2006 with a unique focus on publishing high-quality literary fiction by lesbian authors. Arktoi Books provides a platform for diverse and authentic lesbian voices, enriching the literary landscape with compelling stories that resonate with a wide readership. Although they are not accepting submissions presently, they remain a significant force in advocating for LGBTQ+ representation in literature.

6. Asylum Press

Stepping into the realm of graphic books and novels, Asylum Press stands out as a publisher that specialises in science fiction, action, and horror genres. Their unique character-driven tales are complemented by cinematic-quality artwork, offering readers a visually immersive experience. Although they don't accept unsolicited submissions, their commitment to digital publishing and innovative distribution methods keeps them at the forefront of the graphic novel scene.

7. Angel City Press

Angel City Press has earned a reputation as a publisher dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history and culture of Los Angeles and Southern California. Their books often delve into the region's architecture, art, cinema, and cultural heritage. With a keen eye for historical storytelling, they captivate readers with narratives that showcase the essence of the City of Angels.

8. Rare Bird Books

Rare Bird Books is an independent publisher with a wide range of offerings, including literary fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs. They take pride in supporting emerging writers and promoting voices that challenge conventional norms. Their commitment to diversity and literary risk-taking allows them to push boundaries and bring fresh perspectives to the forefront of contemporary literature.

9. Tsehai Publishers

Tsehai Publishers is a notable Los Angeles-based publisher with a focus on African literature, history, and culture. Their dedication to promoting African voices and experiences helps create a bridge between different cultures and perspectives. By shedding light on various African narratives, they contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected literary landscape.

10. Sahaja Publications

Sahaja Publications finds its niche in spirituality and self-help books. This publisher focuses on works that inspire personal growth, mindfulness, and well-being. Their dedication to nurturing the spirit and promoting positivity makes them a significant player in the self-help genre.


Los Angeles is a vibrant literary hub with a plethora of publishers catering to diverse interests and voices. From mainstream fiction to graphic novels, and from regional history to translated works, these top 10 publishers showcase the richness and depth of the LA literary scene. Whether you're a reader, writer, or someone passionate about the power of storytelling, exploring these publishers' offerings will undoubtedly lead you on a captivating literary journey. So, pick up a book from one of these publishers, and let yourself be transported into the world of imagination and creativity!

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