Top 10 Online B2B E-commerce Websites to Explore In 2024

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June 10, 2024

The landscape of business-to-business (B2B) transactions has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the advent of B2B e-commerce websites. These online platforms have emerged as powerful facilitators, reshaping the way businesses conduct transactions, streamline operations, and build lasting partnerships.

Key Takeaways on B2B eCommerce Websites for 2024

  1. Global Reach and Collaboration: B2B e-commerce platforms break geographical barriers, enabling businesses to connect and collaborate globally, transforming traditional transactions.
  2. Feature-Rich Platforms: Leading B2B websites offer secure payment gateways, customisable catalogues, bulk ordering, and advanced inventory management, optimising the procurement process.
  3. eWorldTrade - Quick Solutions: With over a decade of experience, eWorldTrade provides reliable B2B solutions, emphasising secure trading, substantial earnings, and seamless business growth.
  4. BeauteTrade - A leading B2B marketplace for Cosmetic, Beauty and Personal Care products. Find global suppliers, exporters, importers on this side.
  5. - The largest B2B online platform based in the USA, accessible in more than 180 countries and in multiple languages.
  6. Amazon - Technological Advancements: Amazon, a B2B industry giant, stands out with advanced technologies like CRM systems, personalised recommendations, and a vast network for B2B buyers and sellers.
  7. Global Source - Credibility Assurance: Global Source focuses on credibility, connecting businesses with verified suppliers and buyers through strict user verification and a robust rating system.
  8. Alibaba - Extensive Marketplace: Alibaba's massive B2B marketplace, boasting 900 million users, offers affordable rates, a diverse product range, and various subsidiaries like AliExpress and Alipay.
  9. eBay - Global Market Access: eBay, with 2 decades of experience, facilitates global marketing for both buyers and sellers, incorporating smart buying processes and interactive trade fairs.
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Introduction to B2B E-commerce

The B2B e-commerce sector encompasses online platforms designed specifically for businesses to engage in buying and selling goods and services. Unlike traditional methods, B2B e-commerce websites provide a digital marketplace that transcends geographical barriers, enabling businesses to connect and collaborate on a global scale. 

B2B e-commerce websites are equipped with a myriad of features tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. These platforms often include secure payment gateways, customisable catalogues, bulk ordering capabilities, and sophisticated inventory management systems. The goal is to enhance efficiency and optimise the procurement process.

List Of Top 10 B2B E-Commerce Websites for 2024

S Name Rating
1 eWorldtrade 4.9/5
2 BeauteTrade 4.9/5
3 4.9/5
4 Amazon 4.8/5
5 Global Source 4.8/5
6 Alibaba 4.9/5
7 eBay 4.6/5
8 Made in China 4.7/5
9 EC21 4.1/5
10 ECPlaza 4.1/5
11 Faire 4.3/5
12 DHGate 4/5


eWorldtrade home page

eWorldTrade is a well-known B2B platform with a global reputation for quick fixes. It is an approved B2B platform that offers vendors and buyers all the required features. Their esteemed services assist companies in expanding and reaching new heights of achievement. With over ten years of experience in the field, eWorldTrade is a very reliable platform. 

It is a platform for buying and selling, but it also seeks secure trading, the biggest earnings, and flawless business growth. They are an affordable one-stop shop offering a wide range of solutions. To provide their customers with the greatest experience, eWorldTrade provides a variety of packages. 

Key Features of the Platform

  • The platform has a dedicated directory that has been designed for the convenience of manufacturers and sellers.
  • eWorldTrade has multiple packages created for businesses that have services that are crafted according to the needs of the business.
  • Members can achieve a key account manager that helps in positioning businesses in the market.
  • Every profile is integrated with a prominent RFI on their page and also gets a customised display ad to attract traffic to the website.
  • They have a well-engineered and user-friendly portal system to help buyers and sellers connect.

BeauteTrade Home Page Screenshot

A B2B platform that deals only in the personal care industry to serve one of the massive industries is Finding a skincare-based platform that is like a magnet between suppliers and buyers in a world filled with celebrities, social media influencers, and general users is a blessing. The way it grows with better features and services, more users are heading towards it. Not only does it connect buyers and suppliers in the wholesale cosmetics world, but it also breaks international barriers for smooth business activities. 

Integrity, safety, and convenience make this platform a relief for personal care businesses who struggle to go on an international level. If you are considering a B2B platform for effortless operations and remunerative business opportunities, might be a suitable option.

Key features

  • Different types of supplier memberships are available on this platform with services like website development and SEO for organic sales leads.
  • They have a team of e-commerce experts who offer facilities like market research, sales leads, and queries for members.
  • You can find an extensive list of services for buyers like product categories, search filters, and quotations on this platform.  
  • Buyers who struggle to find custom and private label services for cosmetics and skincare products can get their answers on is the largest B2B online platform based in USA. It is one of the fastest-growing online trading platforms for all E-commerce operations. Global suppliers and customers can use this website since it is accessible in more than 180 countries and can be translated into multiple languages. It is actively serving more than 700,000 registered users, and its admiration is consequent to its massive list of quality services and the variety it offers.



Amazon is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. As one of the biggest names in the B2B business industry, this platform not only has implemented advanced technologies such as CRM systems but also provides the accessibility of customisation for users, standing out in the competitive market with its unique features.

With the introduction of Artificial technology in the B2B e-commerce industry, Amazon has enhanced its customer services by levelling up the personalisation and recommendation options.

Key Features of the Platform

  • All suppliers are categorically placed with a wide selection.
  • Small businesses can have multiple benefits by getting Prime Duo, which is designed for small businesses or proprietors.
  • The platform helps in saving and in a smart buying process where you can purchase and modernise procurement and inventory.
  • They have an extensive network that is specially designed for B2B buyers and sellers such as product catalogues, to find and get connected easily.

Global Source

Global Source

Global Source is known as a trusting paramount in the B2B industry. This platform is known for providing trading services with credibility with its strict user verification services. Not only does it enable its users to showcase their products to a wider network of potential buyers, but also assists them in increasing their visibility, with advanced tools to enhance their sales.

Many businesses from across the world have trusted Global Source when it comes to seeking a reliable partner that aligns with their trading requirements. Through the platform’s strict verification and rating system, they also connect trustworthy suppliers with buyers, who meet their quality standards. This not only ensured the smooth running of their operations but also built a strong foundation for long-term business relationships.

Key Features of GlobalSources:

  • Connect with trusted suppliers, verified for authenticity and reliability.
  • Explore product showcases to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.
  • Tailor your sourcing experience with customised services to meet your specific requirements.


Alibaba home screenshot

Alibaba has 900 million active users and is a massive B2B marketplace. With a 7.5 billion dollar sales, this B2B enterprise offers Chinese manufacturers and merchants the finest chance. Alibaba increased its revenues to 1.1 trillion, giving its rivals a serious challenge. Alibaba boasts 60 billion suppliers and 160 million purchasers since its founding in 1999. This business-to-business platform has a user-friendly website with all the latest features. Additionally, the website has high-quality material that attracts a large number of users. The platform can offer a vast array of items. They have separated their products into several categories, including customised and ready-to-ship items. 

Key Features of the Platform

  • Under the name of Alibaba works other businesses known as AliExpress, Youku, South China Morning Post (SCMP), and Alibaba Cloud.
  • They have a finance group known as Alipay where you can pay, whereas they also have a Pay Later option which is often used by small businesses.
  • Every buying or selling process is carried out at highly affordable rates where they can be placed directly from the manufacturers.
  • It also acts as a middleman and has its inventory and warehouse.

eBay home screenshot

eBay is a B2B platform that is globally known for assuring its users to market them around the world, for both buyers and sellers. This leading B2B website deals with around 2 billion live listings daily, making it an ideal website for shaping the future of e-commerce.

With more than 2 decades of experience in this industry, eBay is seeking every possible way to enhance the user experience and business growth of its users with advanced solutions. eBay is acting in the trading industry as a medium, to empower its users to upgrade their business strategies from traditional approaches and avail the advanced trends.

Key Features of the Platform

  • eBay offers a free quote request that is available on their website so everyone can have what they need.
  • A separate section is created for suppliers where they have tools, the option to reach qualified buyers, and a verification process to become a supplier.
  • eBay has created an interactive way of connecting businesses by conducting trade fairs where businesses meet face-to-face.

With an intelligent system in filters and search they help connect verified buyers and sellers by creating a tailored solution

Made in China

made in China homepage screenshot

The evolution of "Made-in-China" from a symbol of low-cost mass production to a mark of quality and innovation has been nothing short of remarkable. China's strategic focus on investing in research and development has led to significant advancements in various industries. From consumer electronics to renewable energy, Chinese companies have made substantial contributions to global innovation.

One sector where China has particularly excelled is technology. Chinese tech giants have rapidly gained prominence on the world stage, challenging the dominance of established Western players. Companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and DJI have not only become household names in China but have also successfully expanded their influence globally, offering cutting-edge products and services.

Key Features of the Platform

  • A seamless website for the buying and selling process.
  • They have over 1.5 million product categories.
  • They are also working on sustainable methods of shopping.



Moving on people and businesses in the USA can now indulge with Asian platforms like EC21. Although it is not an American-origin brand but is actively working in the USA. From buyer’s directory to product listing everything is well managed at the platform. With multiple payment options easier and faster way, they have options like Payoneer. EC21 has millions of buyers and suppliers on the platform from around the world so buyers or sellers in or from the USA have a great chance to work together. Everything on the platform is well managed as you can find a search bar that leads to landing pages for buyers and sellers separately.

Key Features of the Platform

  • A very well-maintained and flourished procurement system bringing trade opportunities.
  • A free registration process further goes by paid premium membership programs.
  • They have an assisted system for businesses to consult or get an RFQ.



Another globally known platform ECPlaza is making waves in the market with its exceptionally great services. They have expanded their marketplace in the USA, and are working as a borderless business. With over 26 years of experience, ECPlaza has over 1,000,000 members. They have integrated a marketing specialist team that provides some great tools such as overseas market research, on and off overseas marketing, trade and infrastructure establishment, and much more.

Key Features of the Platform

  • Covering a broad spectrum of suppliers, they have a great range of products including machinery, textiles, gadgets, and scrap material.
  • They have different systems in their wide field of eCommerce where they cater to overseas markets. The team is divided among trade, marketing, and public relations.
  • They cater to an entire buying or selling circle known as One-Stop Trading Network bringing solutions at every stage of transactions.



Faire is another well-established B2B marketplace that wants to promote local brands and assist them in their growth. They showcase over 100,000 independent brands together through their single platform and want to empower entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. They simplify and automate all the operations of various businesses to help them focus on other important things.

They provide flexible payment terms to their businesses as they can easily pay the money within 60 days without any kind of interest whenever they have the budget for it. Faire also allows free return of products and services at any time their customers want. They provide a prepaid shipping label to make the process much easier.

Key Features of the Platform

  • They have a customised system for offering transactions by having payment and product quality assurance.
  • Different tools have been introduced on the platform catering to a wide audience hence creating an RFQ option.
  • Caring about diversity, they have payment options available in multiple currencies, and auto-translation options in 18 languages.
  • An API integration system for advanced customisations.



DHGate has been serving in the B2B industry for the longest, and they have been working successfully by attracting businesses from the USA on their platform. You will come across many American names while browsing which is a bonus for the individuals of the USA. With a great website and an app, it is a go-to platform for 2024.

Key Features of the Platform

  • It is a multilingual website that users can convert into 13 languages.
  • The platform is more known for electronic supplies, apparel, and home goods.
  • DHGate comes up with their seasonal deal, and updates with festivals and years.
  • Serving in a wide industry DHGate is seeking individuals to have an expert approach in setting up a business.


B2B e-commerce websites are at the forefront of revolutionising the way businesses interact and transact. Embracing these platforms is not just a technological advancement but a strategic move towards a more efficient, interconnected, and globally competitive business environment. As the digital era continues to unfold, B2B e-commerce will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of business transactions.

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