Top Tips to Become a Successful Leader

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May 4, 2023

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A lot has been said and written about how one can be a successful leader. However, with the Gen Z now effectively entering the workforce, the dynamics of leadership have evolved by leaps and bounds. The new generation likes to feel empowered and is imaginative and therefore leaders today need to be very tactful. Some of these tips will help you become a great leader.

Be Confident

When you are taking up a leadership role, everyone who is under your command is looking up to you for direction. They expect you to know what you are doing. If your team will feel uncertain about your decisions, they will not be very keen to trust you and it will reflect in the overall team productivity.

Therefore, it is very important that you are confident and clear about your plans, goals and objectives and have a clear road map about how you plan to achieve them. Never sound shaky or communicate in an “Ifs and buts” tone with those under your command.

Stay Organised

One of the most common habits of successful leaders is to stay organised. By organisation, it does not only mean that your work is sorted, it your overall lifestyle needs to be in a fixed routine. Starting your day early gives you a lot of leverage and also allows you to use your mental efficiency in the best possible manner. The 5 AM Club Summary is an excellent read that emphasises on how rising early reflects on your work efficiency.

Dec Luther your space and make sure everything that you need to do is well planned and sorted beforehand. There are some amazing management tools such as Asana that you can use to stay on target.

Take Charge of Your Emotions

In the postmodern era, management theorists have researched and wrote a lot about EQ versus IQ. Over the years, firms have realised the fact that your inherited intelligence levels do not matter much if you are an emotionally unstable person, especially when you are working with teams. Since teamwork, and especially leading a team or an entire business for that matter, requires you deal with various mixes of people, it is very important that you are able to connect with everyone and extract the best out of them. You can read the energy bus summary to learn about how to extract positives from people around you while maintaining your composure.

Build a Network

Leaderships are no more autocratic in the postmodern era. If you are too dictatorial in your approach, you will lose your team. Subordinates today like to take responsibility and seek empowerment. You will need to understand the people around you and build strategic relationships with all the stakeholders if you wish to succeed in your goals. Be clear about your objectives and once you are sure you have communicated the goals, empower them and trust them. A network of people who trust you goes a long way.

Take Initiatives

Anyone who fears risks too much is not fit for a leadership role. You need to take calculated risks. You need to take initiatives, and confidently so. Leaders always initiate change and bring out of the box ideas that can often be risky.

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