Top Video Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales

October 3, 2022

Top Video Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales

There have been countless good reviews about how video marketing is very beneficial for businesses of any scale. Implementing a video marketing strategy is effective to increase leads, improve brand awareness, and most importantly, boost sales.

However, producing excellent-quality videos may be daunting for people who have below-average of editing skills. In this case, video marketing tools come to the rescue to help them create videos more conveniently.

Most video marketing tools provide intuitive interfaces so users can easily understand the functions of each feature. They also supply users with a bunch of ready-to-use video templates, image stocks, and audio tracks. 

They also allow users to instantly share videos on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore, when creating videos is just a few-step process, anyone can produce one in a short time. Check out a list of top video marketing tools to help you boost sales below.

Key Takeaways on Video Marketing Tools to Boost Sales:

  • Wistia: Ideal for businesses of all sizes, Wistia offers customizable videos, SEO recommendations, advanced analytics, and easy sharing. It has a free version with standard features, and paid plans for more advanced needs.
  • Vidyard: Suitable for sales and marketing teams, Vidyard provides CRM tools, video customization, and analytics. It supports high-quality video creation and offers various pricing plans, including custom pricing for enterprise solutions.
  • Vyond: Great for creating professional-looking videos with customizable templates and image stocks. Vyond is user-friendly and suitable for all skill levels, offering premium and professional plans for different business sizes.
  • Shakr: Known for its fast rendering and ability to produce a high volume of videos, Shakr is ideal for campaign and product videos. It offers various plans tailored to marketers, small businesses, and corporates.
  • Renderforest: A free video marketing tool perfect for beginners to professional editors. Renderforest provides basic video editing, a wide range of filters, and a variety of audio tracks. It also has paid plans for more advanced features.
  • Vimeo: An all-in-one platform for creating, managing, and sharing videos and virtual events. Vimeo offers customizable templates, performance reviews, and marketing tools, with various pricing plans to suit different needs.
  • Freepik: Turn ideas into outstanding designs with high-quality vectors, photos, videos, mockups, and more

These tools offer a range of features to help create high-quality marketing videos, catering to different business sizes and marketing strategies, ultimately aiming to increase leads, engage audiences, and boost sales.

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6 Video Marketing Tools to Boost Sales

1. Wistia

Image via Wistia

Wistia is a business-oriented video tool, that is why it becomes on top of the list. From e-commerce to even video games companies can take advantage of the tool, such as grouping videos to certain projects and editing them. It also allows you to track video performance on the internet.

Some winning features of Wistia are customisable video, SEO recommendation, advanced video analytics, cross-device compatibility, call-to-action tools, and easy sharing. Users can use Wistia for free but are limited only to its standard features.

Professionals who want to level up their video performance can pay $99 per month to use the Pro plan. They can also buy a subscription for the Advanced plan that costs even higher.

2. Vidyard

Image via Vidyard

Vidyard is a powerful video tool that is suitable for the sales and marketing team. The platform allows its user to optimise video performance using its features, such as CRM tools, customisation video tools, and analytics tools.

Moreover, Vidyard also lets users upload and download videos, as well as generate call-to-action to convert audiences to customers. It also supports users to create stunning 4K resolution videos for better quality.

The pricing for the marketing team varies in three plans: Starter, Plus, and Enterprise. The Starter plan costs $150 per month and the Plus plan costs $850 per month. However, the price for the Enterprise plan is customisable and upon request.

3. Vyond

Image via Vyond

If you’re looking for a video marketing tool that provides a bunch of customisation features, Vyond is a good place to go. Vyond offers ready-to-use templates and image stocks to create professional-looking videos.

Intuitive interfaces make the platform suitable for users at any level. Even those who don’t have any animation know-how still can operate the tools to create a video. All you need is to choose a template and add elements of your choice.

There is no free version of Vyond, users need to pay for a Premium or Professional plan. The premium plan costs $89 monthly and is suitable for small businesses. While the Professional plan is appropriate for medium-large businesses and costs $159 per month.

4. Shakr

Image via Shakr

Many users from various fields have left good reviews about Shakr across the internet. It lets users create excellent videos for many purposes, such as campaign and product videos. Some of the features include brand overlay, video duplication, and custom video design.

The platform is also famous for its fast rendering to the point that users are able to generate hundreds of videos in a day. Moreover, they can continue their campaigns by posting the videos to multiple social media through the “share” button.

Shark offers their product in three different plans. The standard plan is suitable for marketers and costs $99 monthly. Small businesses or marketing agencies can buy the Pro plan for $179 per month. While corporates can subscribe to the On Brand plan with customisable pricing.

5. Renderforest

Image via Renderforest

If you need a free video marketing tool, Renderforest can be the answer to your quest. With an appealing and easy interface, Renderforest is suitable for beginners to pro editors. It provides a basic video editor, more than 384 filters, drag-and-drop motion, and audio tracks with various moods.

Renderforest offers a free plan that is enough for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. It can generate 360p videos and higher quality videos up to HD720. Also, it provides thousands of templates, presets, stock images, and 500 MB storag.

Renderforest also allows users to level up their game through three paid plans: Lite, Pro, and Business. Users can pay $9.99 for the Lite plan, 19.99 for the Pro Plan, and 24.99 for the Business plan.

6. Vimeo

Image via Vimeo

Vimeo is an all-in-one video platform that provides customisable templates with plenty of other features. Users can make, manage, and share videos and virtual events on the platform. Moreover, it includes performance reviews, vast storage, marketing and monetisation tools, and engagement graphs.

As an online video management tool, Vimeo also encourages users to collaborate, create projects together, and share their work. However, Vimeo doesn’t offer a free plan. Users can choose among four plans, which are Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium plan. The cost rate is affordable starting from $7 to $75 per month.


Freepik Videos boasts an extensive library of free stock videos, covering a wide array of themes and topics. Whether you're crafting promotional material, enhancing a presentation, or adding flair to your social media content, Freepik Videos has you covered with a range of breathtaking landscapes to business-centric scenes. The platform ensures that you find the perfect, cost-effective footage to complement your marketing message.

Freepik - Great Design Faster


Video marketing tools help you develop a high-quality video for marketing purposes. You can create and manage any type of video, such as animation explainer videos or live-streaming videos. The above recommendations have easy-to-use interfaces for easy creators at any level.

They also provide a bunch of other features to help you improve your marketing strategy. Therefore, you can efficiently optimise your marketing effort to increase leads, engage audiences, and boost sales.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond
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