How to Tailor Your Marketing Videos to Your Audience?

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June 27, 2024

The world has been increasingly changing the way they consume and use content for their day to day life. In such a scheme of things, video content has, however, been a staple, only changing forms minorly. For instance, as the attention retention span of humans has changed, you’ll notice how the time duration of videos has also changed. The peasant generation at large doesn’t have the patience to sit through hours of content.

This is why, creators today are largely focused on having short but informative and entertaining content on their channels for better traction. If you want to produce and publish videos, this blog is the perfect read for you. Keeping your attention span in mind, this short read will give you all the information you need!

Key Takeaways on Marketing Your Videos to Your Audience:

  1. Set Goals for Your Videos: Before creating videos, clearly define the goals you want to achieve with them. Consider factors such as the target audience, time limit, theme, and the desired outcome to maintain focus and ensure the videos effectively convey the intended message.
  2. Choose the Right Platforms: Select platforms that are frequented by your target audience to publish your videos. For shorter content, consider platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok, while for longer streams and tutorials, YouTube, Patreon, and Vimeo might be more suitable.
  3. Decide the Genre of Videos: Settle on a specific genre for your videos to maintain a central theme and convey the message effectively. If unsure, consider seeking assistance from a corporate video production company to outline the genres and save time.
  4. Create Captivating Content: Develop content that is interesting and entertaining to attract more views. Understand what your target viewers want to see and hear, and incorporate these elements into your videos to the best of your ability.
  5. Optimise the Videos for Search Engines: Use SEO optimisation tactics for your videos to enhance their visibility on search engines. Consider seeking help from your video production company in this regard.

Remember, achieving perfection in video creation is a gradual process. Avoid falling into the trap of perfectionism and focus on evolving with each piece you create. It is crucial to release your work and learn from the experience to create better content over time.

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1. Set goals for your videos

One of the most important factors to keep in mind before you start creating videos is to understand the idea behind them. Why are you creating these works, and what message does it convey to the audience? While these are just two of the several questions, you need to set a list of goals for your videos so that they do not deviate from their mark. Taking into consideration the audience, the time limit, theme, video type, projected number of views, and the outcome of the video will give you conceptual clarity.

2. Choose the right platforms

The second criteria to keep in mind is the platform or mode of publishing such videos. Too often, we see creators hitting or missing their mark when it comes to online video consumption, because the audience they wish to target doesn’t use the platform the video was published on! If you’re focused on shorter content, try platforms like Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, or TikTok. For larger streams, tutorials, and videos, there are YouTube, Patreon, and Vimeo that you can look into, especially if you’re monetising them.

3. Decide the genre of videos

It is imperative that you settle down on a certain genre for your video, else the theme would not be able to get the message across. In times of confusion, getting the help of a corporate video production company will be of paramount help, as they can assist in quickly outlining the genres and save time. This also will help you with the production and direction to maintain a central theme.

4. Create captivating content

There is no doubt that interesting and entertaining content gets better views. Try to understand what your target viewer may want to see and hear from your videos, and try to imbibe these aspects to the best of your ability.

5. Optimise the videos for search engines

Today, SEO is no longer an option, even for videos. You’ll see all production houses and creators extensively using SEO optimisation tactics and even social media promotions to get the word across. Get your hired video production company to help in this aspect as well.

Wrapping Up:

When creating videos, it is incredibly essential to keep in mind that there will be several attempts before you get things perfect. It is important to not fall into the trap of perfectionism and just release your work, evolving with every piece. We hope that this blog helps you create visual masterpieces.

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