7 Foolproof Tricks To Make And Edit Your Business Videos Perfectly

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June 28, 2023

Video marketing is considered the most effective way to reach your audience for modern businesses. Whether you're creating brand videos to attract new employees or developing marketing videos to sell products, creating high-quality content is critical.

Here are seven foolproof tips and tricks to help you create and edit your business videos perfectly.

Key Takeaways on Making and Editing Business Videos:

  1. Choose the Right Tools: Video creation doesn't have to break the bank. Investing in basic equipment and video editing software can help you produce high-quality content. Take your time to research and compare options that suit your needs.
  2. Create a Batching Strategy: Video creation can be time-consuming. To save resources, consider creating and editing videos in batches. This approach involves recording multiple videos at once and setting aside time each week for editing.
  3. Document Processes: Creating standard operating procedures can improve consistency, scalability, and simplifies outsourcing and training. One way to document your editing process is through instructional videos.
  4. Outline Stories and Scripts: Although modern consumers appreciate authenticity, having a storyboard or script helps refine your timing and talking points, minimising the need for reshoots and edits, and improving resource allocation.
  5. Prioritise Lighting, Sound, and Stability: While editing can enhance videos, some aspects must be addressed during filming. Pay attention to lighting, sound, and stability to ensure high-quality video output. Be mindful of environmental factors that could affect your recording.
  6. Avoid Outdated Transitions: Modern audiences prefer quick cuts over screen swipes and fade-outs. Rapid transitions keep viewers engaged and can help improve video completion rates, a highly valued social media engagement metric.
  7. Add Subtitles: As many as 69% of viewers watch content without sound, making subtitles a critical aspect of your videos. Adding subtitles not only caters to these viewers but also promotes accessibility, improves SEO, and signals to stakeholders that you prioritise inclusivity.

With these tips in mind, you can create engaging, high-quality business videos to extend your brand's reach and build trust with your audience.

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Choose the Right Tools

The first step in creating and editing videos is choosing the right tools. Fortunately, businesses are no longer forced to spend thousands on video production services. Investing in some basic equipment and reliable video editing software is more than sufficient to create quality content.

Take some time to research and compare your options to determine which tools are suitable for your needs. 

Create a Batching Strategy

Batching content is how to get the best possible ROI on your business video creation process. While creating video content is more accessible than ever, it can be time-consuming. Minimise your resource requirements by completing video creation and editing work in batches or use corporate video production services.

Rather than recording one video and editing it on the fly, consider recording several videos in one setting. Then, set a time each week to edit the videos and prepare them for publishing. Consider running a time audit to clarify the resource implications when taking this approach.

Document the Processes

Documenting your processes and creating standard operating procedures offers several cost-saving benefits. First, documentation creates consistency and routine in business processes. Second, having this information available improves scalability as your business grows by simplifying outsourcing and training.

Incidentally, the best way to document your editing process is to record videos. This process is a fantastic way to familiarise yourself and trainees with your video editing software.

Outline Your Stories and Scripts

While the modern consumer prioritises authenticity and is typically open to a candid approach, there's value in sketching out storyboards and scripts before batch recording. This process can help you refine the timing and create talking points to keep your videos to the point. This exercise will minimise reshoots and edits, further improving your resource allocation and ROI.

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Prioritise Lighting, Sound, and Stability

One of the benefits of modern video marketing is the accessibility to technology. Everyone has a high-quality camera and mic on their smartphone. However, not all problems can be edited in post-production; shooting a commercial or high-quality visuals and sound are still priorities.

Lighting, sound, and stability should be top of mind for every video. Your tools will help with these issues, most notably a tripod and ring light. However, it's also important to be mindful of the ambient noise in your shooting location, harsh shadows, wind, and other environmental factors. 

Avoid Outdated Transitions

Adding screen swipes and fade-outs are no longer appealing to audiences. Instead, use quick cuts to transition between scenes. These rapid transitions will keep users engaged and help improve video completion times on social media by shaving seconds off your videos.

A video completion is one of the highest-rated social media engagement metrics, which furthers the argument for short videos. Minimising distracting transitions and demanding less attention time is essential for extending your reach with video marketing.

Add Subtitles

Subtitles are essential for business videos, both long and short-form. As 69% of viewers consume content without sound, failing to add subtitles could limit your reach and engagement with potential customers. 

Furthermore, investors, customers, and high-potential employees value brands that prioritise accessibility and inclusion. Adding subtitles also improve SEO on video platforms like YouTube and search engines— Google can't view a video, but it can read the subtitles for keywords. With so many benefits on the table, use Happy Scribe’s software to automatically generate subtitles and ensure your business caters to customers’ subtitle needs.

Creating compelling business videos will help you extend your brand reach, engagement, and trust. Keep these tricks in mind when creating video content for your business.

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