Unlocking Growth: How Direct Mail Marketing Tactics Power Your Business

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December 27, 2023

Those who have been working in marketing will tell you that mail marketing is nothing new. On the contrary. It has been around for many, many years, and surprisingly, it is still as popular as it used to be.

Even though new marketing-related methods (referring to digital ones) have also taken over the world, mail marketing has somehow managed to stay relevant in this field. So what does it include? As the name suggests, its main goal is to send interesting physical mail to a target audience.

The most common ones include catalogues, letters, postcards, etc. There's no doubt that direct mail marketing comes with different advantages, and if you would like to thoroughly explore them, then cast your eyes on these facts below.

Key Takeaways on Direct Marketing Tactics

  1. Palpable Experience: Direct mail marketing provides a tangible experience, as physical mail demands attention, creating a stronger impression compared to easily overlooked emails. Creative tools like postcards enhance brand recognition and engagement.
  2. Traditional Mail Trust: Despite the digital age, traditional mail builds trust over decades, making recipients, especially older demographics, less sceptical compared to digital communication methods.
  3. Personalisation Matters: Direct mail offers a more personalised touch, avoiding common digital marketing pitfalls like misspelling names or delivering inaccurate information, fostering a sense of effort and connection with the audience.
  4. Appreciation for Effort: Effort invested in creating mail is appreciated by recipients, positively impacting response rates and enhancing the company's reputation, a contrast to generic and impersonal emails.
  5. Higher Trust Levels: Direct mail is perceived as more trustworthy than online communications, reducing scepticism and making recipients, especially those aged 20 to 35, more receptive to the content and offerings.
  6. Cost-Effective Strategy: Direct mail marketing proves to be a cost-effective strategy, offering efficiency comparable to traditional advertising methods like radio and television but at a more affordable price point.
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It Offers A Palpable Experience

Although there’s no doubt that digital marketing comes with numerous positive sides too, the truth is that we often ignore the emails that we receive, because, most of them, at first glance, do not seem very interesting and appealing.

Even though that can be the case with physical mail as well, it’s something that rarely happens because you first need to open them in order to conclude whether you’re interested in them or not.

And that will for sure create a much stronger impression in comparison to the email you receive. Just think of all those wonderful postcards you received back in the day. Most of them were rather very cute and eye-catching, which is one of the major reasons why people rarely throw them away without first seeing what is written on them.

That’s why postcards are still “a thing” in the marketing world. Luckily, there are still lots of excellent companies that are offering mass postcard mailing which is a perfect way for any company to take their business up a notch. Not to mention the fact that with them (along with other forms of mail), you will easily boost brand recognition.

Aside from being tangible, with these tools, you can effectively showcase your creative side by playing with numerous sizes, shapes, and patterns that can easily grab someone’s attention. How amazing is that?

People Are More Familiar With Traditional Mail

Yes, we do know that we live in the 21st century, where a vast majority of people are obsessed with digital stuff, but it most definitely doesn't mean that more conventional options, such as traditional mail are completely forgotten.

That’s far from reality. Bear in mind that traditional mail has been around for decades, and has managed to slowly build trust with a plethora of consumers. That's precisely one of the main reasons why many people will be less sceptical and suspicious when they receive traditional mail, than when they receive an email.

Not to mention the fact that there are still a bunch of people (particularly older folks) who do not know how to use the internet/computer/cellphones, hence they’ll be a lot more comfortable with this conventional tool.

It’s Way More Personal!

As stated previously, digital marketing comes with various advantages, however, what it seems to be missing is some personalisation, and that’s something a lot of people can agree on. Just think how many times you’ve received an email that didn’t spell your name correctly, or was loaded with wrong information that’s related to you.

Even though it's not the end of the world when something like this happens, most of us still enjoy mails that have that sense of personalisation. Otherwise, it may seem like the person who sent it didn't invest any time or effort into creating it.

Luckily, these sorts of errors will rarely happen with traditional mail because in most cases, people who make them will do whatever it takes to create something that’s special and that will be appealing to their customers.

Who Doesn’t Like The Effort?

Speaking of effort, it’s safe to say that everyone appreciates it, and that’s precisely how you will win the hearts and minds of your consumers, and simultaneously, connect with them. They are aware of the fact how much effort you put into creating a mail.

And trust us when we say, they will appreciate it one hundred percent. Many reports have shown that if you invest your effort into making a mail, you’ll increase the chance of receiving a positive response from the people who received it, which will undoubtedly, positively influence your company’s reputation. Sadly, this rarely happens with conventional emails due to the fact that most of them are pretty generic.

People Generally Trust Mails Much More

The online world is filled with different scammers, and that's something most people are familiar with. That's precisely one of the main reasons why so many recipients are untrustworthy when it comes to emails.

And that’s particularly the case with brands that are relatively new to the industry. If that’s the case, then it’s highly likely they will immediately delete the email they receive. On the flip side, the situation is way different when it comes to direct mail.

Several studies have been conducted on this topic, and they concluded that a vast majority of people, especially the ones between the ages of 20 to 35 will hardly find direct mail to be suspicious, and potentially fishy because they find it to be a lot more reliable.

As previously stated, direct mail enables you to make it a lot more personal, which instantly means that whatever you send is going to stimulate the recipients to open it and become more interested in what your brand has to offer.

It’s A Cost-Effective Strategy

In today's economy, there's nothing better than relying on a method that's not only efficient but cost-effective too. And that's exactly what direct mail marketing is. In comparison to other marketing tactics, such as radio, and television, this one is a lot more affordable, yet equally as good.

Direct Marketing in Business

Even though the digital age has blessed us with various beneficial things, it still doesn't mean that direct mail should be overlooked. As you can see, it comes with numerous positive traits that can help you grow your business even more.

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