All You Need to Know about Mail Marketing

August 18, 2022

All You Need to Know about Direct Mail Marketing Strategies
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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Let's start with the basics, what is mail marketing, and how is it different from others? Mail marketing is an innovation of the new age where advertisers send their prospects in the form of packages, offers, and mailers to customers physically. Mostly the United States Postal Service is used for the purpose, however other postal services are in the game too. In simple words, sellers send their flyers containing offers, and catalogues to loyal or potential customers by using mailing services. Think of it as a hard-form counterpart of digital email marketing.

What is its purpose?

The business field is characterised by ever-emerging innovations. Mail marketing is just a new strategy in the vast arsenal of the marketing departments. The real purpose here is to engage and attract customers to their product. Businesses have to reach out to their customers to advertise themselves. And this is the new creative way devised to access as many customers as possible. It offers the possibility to get to the customers in vast numbers.

Does it produce results?

Many may consider this way to be rather boring and which requires much effort. But the attractive returns offered by the way compels the businesses to adopt it nonetheless. A recent survey has shown that this is the second most popular way of marketing after social media campaigns. The ranking here is set in terms of customer response and return on investment. Direct mail marketing is also found to be generating significantly higher responses than email marketing campaigns. The reason is simple, most of us try to avoid getting into digital clutter in our email boxes. And physical prospects are still more attractive and seem legit than their digital counterparts.

Benefits of Mail Marketing

Direct mail has proved to be an irreplaceable component of marketing strategies and isn’t going anywhere for some time at least because of the multitude of benefits it offers.

  • Most of us have the habit of regularly checking our mailboxes. The physical handling of the mail makes the whole process more interactive. The chances of the mail being ignored minimise significantly as compared to digital versions. Customers are more likely to keep coupons, and discount offers in the form of flyers, and coupon marketing.
  • Still not everyone actively uses digital mail however, most of us never skip physical mail. It also depends on your target audience. Digital world junkies regularly use emails but even they don’t skip physical mails. In a nutshell, mail marketing provides a much wider reach.
  • The world has just entered the digital realm and has still to take root. However, old habits die hard. The practice of checking the mailbox hasn’t gone anywhere. It has some kind of nostalgia attached to it which can be used by advertisers.
  • Everyone is going online nowadays. So you are likely to get moderate competition in mail marketing. Moreover, physical efforts are often appreciated by the customers. You can get creative to make the whole experience worthwhile for the customers and they will get back to you.

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