What To Do If You've Lost Your Job To Covid-19

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February 1, 2024

Losing a job is a tough position to be in, especially if you are like the millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Covid-19 has caused millions to lose their jobs, and the fear of rising cases is preventing companies from onboarding as many companies live in fear of having to let them go if another lockdown occurs. Recent trends have shown that the number of unemployed people is decreasing.

Many people put a lot of identity into their work and struggle when that identity is taken away. Talking about losing your job can be a beneficial way to soothe the pain of job loss. You are not alone in this process; your family and friends understand the situation more than you may realise. Everyone is aware of the complications Covid-19 has caused to the economy.There are some important first steps to cope with job loss and planning for the future.

Key Takeaways on What to Do if You Lose Your Job:

  1. Keep Your Family Safe: Prioritize the health and financial stability of your family by seeking unemployment benefits and making the most of benefits from your former employer.
  2. Stay Optimistic: Maintain a positive outlook and a growth mindset to navigate through job loss, considering the possibility of returning to your former employer or exploring new career paths.
  3. Learn a Marketable Skill: Use the time to learn new skills, such as coding, to enhance your employability in growing industries like tech and health.
  4. Rely on Those Around You: Lean on friends and family for support during this challenging time, remembering that many are willing to help and understand the difficulties posed by the pandemic.
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Keep Your Family Safe

The most important thing to do is to ensure the safety and health of your family. The pandemic has forced us to stay at home to reduce the transmission of the virus. Financial health plays a large role in keeping your family safe. Seek out unemployment benefits to keep a portion of your income. Try not to wallow in the negative views of relying on unemployment as this is a much-needed benefit for your family and millions of others during the pandemic. It is also important to make the most of the benefits from your former company before they expire. As you retool your resume to land a new job remember to answer the question, why should we hire you?

Stay Optimistic

Between job loss, cancelled vacations, and the changes caused by Covid-19, it is easy to succumb to pessimistic ways of thinking. Following negative thoughts is detrimental to your health, disposition to employers, and overall happiness. The longer one goes without employment, the harder it becomes to land a job. This stat is scary, but keeping a growth mindset can help you keep your positive habits and land the jobs that return to the economy.

Maintain good standing with your former company. Hiring and onboarding new employees is a major time suck and financial commitment. Let them know you are willing to return to work for them when they are ready to expand business again. Onboarding is easier for employees returning to work and more efficient as there are fewer requirements for training.

This sudden job loss might be a motivation to enter a new career and position yourself in an essential role that is less likely to be cut. You can take a free career quiz to determine professions that cater to your personality.

Learn A Marketable Skill

Another way to capitalise on the unfortunate situation of losing your job to Covid-19 is to focus on learning new skills to elevate your career. Even the most ambitious and professional employees weren’t safe from layoffs. The ability to pivot during times of hardship shows a formidable attitude desirable to employers. Tech and health industries have been growing at a consistent rate and are projected to keep growing for the next 5-8 years. Tech jobs aren’t only in California. Companies large and small across the world are dependent on tech workers to reach their audience online. Wages for tech jobs are among the highest for any industry. Despite the knowledge needed to learn how to code, the abilities can be easily learned in some of the best coding bootcamps.

Coding skills can give you a leg up in the competitive job market. With millions of unemployed workers, companies receive dozens of more applications for the few open slots that companies can accommodate. Adding coding skills increases your marketability to hiring reps and shows the ability and tenacity to learn a new skill.

As you navigate the challenges of job loss and consider your next steps, exploring opportunities with some of the best remote companies to work for can open new doors. The shift towards remote work has accelerated, offering a silver lining for many professionals. These companies not only provide the flexibility to work from anywhere but also value the well-being and productivity of their employees. This can be an excellent time to pivot towards industries that are thriving in the remote work environment, where your skills and experience can be highly valued.

Rely On Those Around You

Experiencing unemployment isn’t easy for anyone. Get your friends to help you. Despite your feelings, those around are looking to support you and don’t hold your recent lay off against you. Covid-19 swept through the world and few knew how to respond appropriately. Changes will continue to happen and we need to rely on our close friends and family for support.

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