4 Ways to Turn Blogging Into a Career

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June 24, 2024

These days, anyone can be a blogger. With over 600 million blogs in the world, there is a huge appetite for it and a growing number of budding writers who want to use their skills and expertise to reach a wider audience.

There is no longer a requirement for bloggers to have advanced technical knowledge or a master’s degree in the English language. Tools like WordPress and Grammarly make it possible for any novice to start their own website and share their ideas and opinions. All you need is an area of expertise, and the motivation to create your own blog.

But how do you turn your passion into a career that makes you money? It’s one thing to have thousands of blog subscribers hanging onto your every word, but unless you can monetise this talent, it is only ever going to be a hobby.

To help you on the path to your dream job, here are four ways to earn an income through blogging.

Key Takeaways on Turning Blogging into a Career

  1. Accessible Blogging Platforms: With user-friendly tools like WordPress and Grammarly, anyone can start a blog without advanced technical skills or a language degree, leveraging their expertise and passion to reach a broader audience.
  2. Monetisation Strategies: To turn blogging into a lucrative career, bloggers need to focus on monetisation strategies such as advertising opportunities, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing while staying true to their values and audience.
  3. Building a Strong Identity: Standing out in a saturated blogosphere requires a unique voice and identity. Bloggers should stay authentic to their values, know their audience, and consistently create engaging content to attract opportunities.
  4. Career Opportunities: Beyond independent blogging, aspiring bloggers can explore corporate blogging roles within digital marketing teams. Starting with internships or apprenticeships, bloggers can leverage their skills and portfolio to secure positions in companies aligned with their interests.
  5. Persistence and Patience: Success in blogging takes time and dedication. Continuously producing quality content and honing writing skills are essential for long-term growth and recognition in the blogging community.
  6. Adaptation and Evolution: Bloggers should remain adaptable to changes in the industry, exploring new trends, and refining their strategies to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  7. Community Engagement: Engaging with the blogging community through networking, collaboration, and participation in online forums or events can enhance visibility, build relationships, and open up new opportunities for growth and monetisation.
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Have a strong identity

With so many blogs out there, it is essential that you don’t try to fit in, but to stand out. If you are a blogger, you already have a topic of interest. Don’t feel you need to compromise your values to make money. Stay true to your principles, know your audience, and keep creating the content you want to create. In time, the opportunities will come to you.

Seek advertising opportunities

Many big brands seek to advertise on popular blogs, knowing that their products and services will be put in front of the eyes of a large audience. If you have accrued a significant subscriber base, you could reach out to relevant organisations to look for opportunities. Brands will pay bloggers a substantial fee to advertise on their websites. This may take the form of banner ads on your site, or even paid guest blogs or backlinks in your articles.

Again, if you go down this route you should make sure you stay true to your brand and only advertise products that are relevant to your subject area and in line with your values.

Become a corporate blogger

One of the easiest ways to turn blogging into a career is to find a job that utilises all these skills. Most businesses nowadays have a blog as well as social media channels, and by landing yourself a role in a company’s digital marketing team, you could use your blogging skills to make a decent living. Just seek out companies that interest you and get in touch to see if there are any vacancies. You could start by beginning an apprenticeship or as an intern to gain experience. Or if you can use your blog to demonstrate your abilities, you may be able to land a more senior position.

Keep writing

The final tip is to just keep writing. By continuing to create quality content, you increase your chances of getting noticed, as well as ensuring your writing skills stay polished. Be patient, and don’t expect success to happen overnight. You will get there in the end.

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