5 Tips on Engaging Gen Z Employees for Maximum Results

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March 21, 2023

Even though the millennials will still make up the majority of the global workforce for the foreseeable future, the time has come to welcome the next big generation into the fray, and for business leaders to start focusing on a rising employee demographic – the Gen Z-ers. If you consider the fact that 25% of the US workforce will be comprised by Gen Z-ers in 2020, you can start to appreciate the need to align business processes and solutions to accommodate the needs and long-term goals of this young and tech-savvy generation. After all, your goal should be to bring the best and the brightest young talent to your company, and also to keep them by your side in the opportune job market.

Needless to say, you can’t stick with the same solutions or the same mindset that you used when trying to appeal to the millennials, as the Gen Z-ers are quite a unique demographic. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five key tips on managing Gen Z employees to achieve optimum business results.

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Focus the individual’s career goals

No matter how long you’ve been a business leader, you probably know by now that it costs way more to acquire new employees than to retain existing ones, which means that you need to transform your workplace from a gig-oriented place to a career-building path for the Gen Z-er. Even though the gig economy is on the rise around the world, that doesn’t mean that young employees don’t see themselves settling down in a thriving company and building their careers from one location. The problem arises when the employer fails to meet their expectations and so the employee moves on to bigger and better things.

Focus the individual’s career goals

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If your goal is to retain top-level Gen Z-ers in your company, you should focus on developing a clear career path for the individual based on their long-term goals and aspirations. Be sure to craft comprehensive employee development programs that will help them achieve their professional goals, and use their new skills and knowledge to help push your company forward. The key here is to provide continuous training and education, so that the Gen Z-er is always engaged and involved in your company.

Treat your employees like entrepreneurs

There is no denying that more and more young professionals have an entrepreneurial spirit, and unsurprisingly so, as the technological revolution has made it possible for anyone with a laptop and a stable internet connection to become a business owner virtually overnight. This means that, by and large, Gen Z-ers treat a typical job as a pit stop before they make their great leap into the entrepreneurial realm.

It’s your job to make them feel like they are reaching this goal through your company by treating them as owners of their own small businesses within your company. This will make your employees more engaged over the long term, so consider giving them shares of your business, and be sure to create a culture of entrepreneurship in your company.

Use software to boost productivity and comfort

Use Software to Increase Productivity

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These bright young minds you’re working with are a generation of digital natives, meaning that they grew up with tech in their hands and were raised using technological innovations that shaped their lives and their perception of the world. So naturally, they won’t settle for anything less than the latest tech in the workplace. Simply put, Gen Z-ers use technology to get more done and ensure that they have enough time to enjoy life to the fullest.

With that in mind, it’s important to introduce innovative and feature-rich software into your processes, especially task management tools such as Taskworld in order to make their jobs easier, streamline their workload, and allow them to be as productive as possible. Using the right software will allow them to do their jobs effectively, and to punch out early, which is one of their goals – to get the job done quickly so that they can go out there and enjoy life.

Involve your employees in your values and causes

The modern employee is not coming to work day after day just to do their job, rather, they are coming to work to feel like a part of something truly worthwhile. Your goal should be to inspire Gen Z-ers to become a part of your brand’s family through mutual values and by standing up for the causes that truly matter, such as environmentalism and sustainability, for example. Given the fact that Gen Z-ers are the most eco-conscious generation right now, it’s important that they feel like they’re a part of a brand that is truly making a positive difference in the world.

Focus on the perks that matter

When the millennials were entering the scene, experts were saying that lifestyle perks and brought comfort and fun into the workplace were the most important changes that companies needed to bring to the work environment. With Gen Z-ers, though, things are a lot different.

This generation of professionals and future business leaders don’t really care about the foosball table in the break room, or if the office has an open floorplan. What they care about is financial security, healthcare, and a better work-life balance. Be sure to provide them with a flexible work schedule so that they can take care of their daily chores (there’s no harm so long as the job gets done), and build their trust on the pillars of fair compensation and rewards, as well as comprehensive health insurance.

Wrapping up

The Gen Z demographic is a unique group of modern employees, a group that requires a unique approach and a concrete plan if you are to keep them by your side through thick and thin. Be sure to use these tips to keep your Gen Z employees engaged and to inspire them to fall in love with your brand.


Jacob Wilson is a business consultant, and an organisational psychologist, based in Brisbane. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for Bizzmark blog.

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