Emotional Branding To Connect With Human Beings

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April 19, 2023

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How often do you interact with a business that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling? We are willing to bet it’s pretty rare. The interesting thing is that every single business on earth is built and operated by humans — so what can brands do to feel less cold and dehumanised?

Emotional branding is a strategy to bridge the gap between the brand and the being. When your customers are inspired by your marketing campaigns, each one further strengthens the neural pathways towards brand recognition and loyalty.

Billion-dollar brands are employing emotions within their campaigns to take advantage of this branding phenomenon. For years, Coca-Cola has focused its advertising on the people who enjoy their beverage with a smile, bringing a warm and refreshing appeal to the brand. Marketing is all about appeals, and a long-lasting principle of persuasive writing includes emotion as one of three main pillars for penning a persuasive piece.

Emotional Appeals to Logos, Ethos, and Pathos

Aristotle may have been the first to formally voice the foundations of persuasive writing but you can be sure emotions played a crucial part in the narrative as long as human storytelling has been in existence.

Logos, ethos, and pathos are the foundations set forth by Aristotle. Logos, being the appeal to sound reasoning, ethos, the appeal to authority, and pathos, the appeal to emotions. Together, these three compose a convincing storyline.

Tips for Building an Emotional Brand

Emotional branding is a long game. Just as the first date isn’t going to end in marriage, a single campaign is not going to evoke an emotional reaction to a brand. As you progress through your emotional branding strategy, use these tips as a framework:

  • Use personalisation to offer individuals a unique experience
  • Embody values of social good
  • Be authentic and keep it that way
  • Remain consistent

If you want to build an emotional brand that deeply impacts the lives of your customers, study the examples and implement the tips below in the full visual from CleverTap.

Tip for Building an Emotional Brand

[Image credit - Photo by Francesco Paggiaro from Pexels]

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