Four Ways To Increase Your Seller Leads

September 28, 2021

Ways To Increase Your Seller Leads for Your Small Business
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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Real estate agencies often need to get more seller leads. You can help them by sharing this blog post with realtors in your area. The four ideas below will give you an edge over the competition and allow you to generate more sales for your agency.

1. Content Marketing

Create content related to real estate and post it on your website. Blogs are a good idea, but you can also create videos, infographics or even podcasts. Content marketing will allow people searching for realtors to find your agency more easily online when they type keywords relevant to their search. It is known that most searchers never scroll past the first page results for any given query; make sure yours stands out! Additionally, Google sees how much traffic comes from organic sources (i.e., websites other than Facebook) like this blog, YouTube video or Twitter feed. These factors help improve SEO rankings, leading to more seller leads eventually coming through the door at your office.

2. Digital Marketing

Take a look at your website and see if it's mobile-friendly. If you haven't checked recently or at all, now is the time to do so! Google will penalize non-mobile friendly websites. That means more people might end up on page two of search results which could lead to fewer seller leads for your real estate agent because they don't even know you exist there! The benefits of Digital Marketing for Property have been proven to generate seller leads for real estate companies around the world. Include videos to your website as these tend to rank exceptionally high when compared with text content online. With video marketing becoming increasingly popular, this is another excellent way to increase traffic from potential clientele looking for a realtor near them to help buy or sell their home. YouTube alone generates over one billion views a day. That's an enormous audience!

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of making your website show up on Google's first page for specific search queries. For example, if someone types "real estate agents near me" into their browser, you want to ensure that yours pops up as one of the top results. This could lead directly to an inquiry about a client and seller leads interested in selling or buying a property soon! On-page SEO tactics like optimizing titles, headlines, alt text images and metadata will help boost rankings quickly so potential clients can find your realtor agency online without wasting time searching aimlessly through pages upon pages of results. Once people land on YOUR site instead - there's more chance for them to contact YOU, which means you'll receive more potential seller leads than before!

4. Invest in Facebook ads

Sometimes the only way to get relevant traffic from a specific demographic is with Facebook ads. You can target people by location, age group and even income range! This will help you reach your ideal clientele in the quickest time possible without wasting precious resources creating content that doesn't have much chance of being seen online.

There are many ways to increase your seller leads, but these four take time and money minimal investment. Make sure you're covering all the proper bases so you can turn as many cold calls into sales as possible!

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