9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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June 20, 2024

Real estate is a lucrative sector with a multi-trillion market cap. According to statistics, 88% of buyers bought their properties through real estate agents. The study also states that 73% of the buyers initially interviewed the real estate agent before they put their faith in them. This is the reason; it is a recommendation for the real estate agents to create awareness as quickly as possible to grab the customer's attention. It will be easy to find the right kind of solution to enhance sales with proper real estate marketing techniques.

If you want to succeed in the real estate sector, you have to follow some solid real estate marketing techniques. Here are some real estate marketing ideas that will deliver outstanding and definite results.

Key Takeaways on Real Estate Marketing Ideas:

  1. Invest in a Proper Website: Create a well-designed, consumer-friendly website with unique features like a mortgage calculator to enhance visitor trust and provide detailed property information.
  2. Create a Blog: Regularly post SEO-optimised content on a blog to improve search rankings. Incorporate video marketing to showcase properties and amplify your brand.
  3. Invest in Email Marketing: Use email marketing to send monthly newsletters, property updates, and video walkthroughs to new and existing contacts.
  4. Arrange Events for New Properties: Host events to showcase new properties, film them, and share online to increase brand authenticity and customer trust.
  5. Partner with Local Businesses: Collaborate with local businesses for word-of-mouth marketing. Leverage these connections to spread your brand message in the community.
  6. Run Paid Video Campaigns on Social Media: Make use of social media platforms for paid video campaigns. Use online video editors to create content and target specific audiences with ads.
  7. Use Drone Footage: Employ drone photography for detailed property presentations. Drone videos can enhance virtual tours and showcase exterior features effectively.
  8. Create Videos for Your Property: Produce professional videos highlighting key property features. Share these videos on social media platforms to attract a larger audience and generate leads.
  9. Ask for Customer Testimonials: Request video testimonials from satisfied customers to build credibility and trust among potential clients.

These marketing strategies emphasise the importance of a strong online presence, engaging content, community partnerships, and innovative use of technology in real estate marketing to attract and retain clients.

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1. Invest in a proper website

A well-designed and consumer-friendly website is the primary thing for a brand's digital presence. Since you are involved in the real estate business, you have to increase the trust factor of the visitors and do that. It is best to invest in a well-functioning website that can offer details about the property and other necessary things to visitors. To impress visitors, you can also add unusual things like a mortgage calculator to set your website apart and add more value.

2. Create a blog

Creating a blog and posting on them regularly will also deliver results. You can optimise the content for SEO, and it ensures the posts are showing accurate results every time. You can use various tools like Google Analytics to analyse the keywords and optimise that for a better position in SEO. To amplify your brand and the best features, you can invest in video marketing, and make real estate videos.

Since videos are trending, you shouldn't be left behind in this field. With the combination of SEO and video marketing, you can get the desired result within a short time.

3. Invest in email marketing

Email marketing is a conventional way to stick with potential customers. So, it is best to send a monthly newsletter roundup of the blog content and send them to the new and existing contacts when there is any new property available. Attach a video walkthrough of that property or virtual staging of the home.

4. Arrange events for the new property

Events are the best way to let people know about your business and available property. Since the real estate sector is lavish, it will be easy for you to arrange events, film them, and spread them on the internet to let other people know about the new property. It will help you win the trust of existing customers and increase brand authenticity.

5. Be a partner with local businesses

Local connections give solid word-of-mouth marketing for your real estate brand. Use the locations and partner with several other local businesses, including clothing boutiques, coffee shops, grocery stores, and home décor showrooms, to spread your message locally. You can treat them and ask them to spread your word. You can encourage them in various ways that can rightly meet your needs.

6. Run paid video campaigns on social media platforms

Many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow video content, and you can run paid campaigns thoroughly. Video making and editing them by an online video editor has become easier, and this is what you should do initially for reaching a larger and targeted audience. For instance, if you pick up Instagram ads, you have options to choose the targeted audience, budget, type of post, and promotion duration. You can use the proposed hashtags to ensure the posts are delivered to the people you would like to reach. This type of promotion helps to reach maximum people within a short time.

7. Use drone footage for a better presentation of the property to the customers   

Drone photography helps to know about a property in detail. A drone can take both video and still photos perfectly and should rightly be used to showcase the property's details. Videos can be used to supplement virtual tours or walkthroughs, and they can be used to show exterior features like patios and pools. Drone footage is being appreciated by maximum viewers around the world, and this is why you should invest in quality photography that can rightly meet your needs.

8. Start creating videos for your property

Since video contents are highly popular, it will be best to create video content for your property. It should publish on various social media platforms to reach a larger audience. It is quite easy to motivate the audience using professional shots and videos of the property. So, start filming different features and highlight key points of the property that can attract a maximum audience, and in this way, several positive leads can be generated. Quality videos can deliver a positive message, and this is what people would like to see before investing in a property. Making videos is quite easy, and sometimes you can produce quality videos using a basic laptop or smartphone. So, it would be best to film your videos that can showcase every detail of the property.

9. Ask the potential customers for testimonials

You must have satisfied customers ready to showcase their pleasure, and you can use that view to owe the other customers. Ask them to provide video testimonials regarding your brand. Video testimonials are a powerful way to prove your credibility and build trust among customers. This is why it is always a great way to deliver an outstanding result that can truly meet your needs. Many real estate brands today use these marketing techniques to enhance their sales and brand awareness. So, it would be the right approach to meet your business goal by using video testimonials.


Marketing is a vital part of the real estate sector, and it can be thoroughly planned if you follow the techniques mentioned here. These are proven and capable of delivering the desired result.

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