Think Outside the Screen: Innovative Ideas for Boosting Brand Awareness Offline

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November 23, 2023

It’s easy to overlook the fact that in this fast-paced, digital age, marketing and brand awareness aren't only done online. However, since the majority of our advertising is now digital, face-to-face interaction with people has actually regained its power. Customers now truly value companies that can connect with them personally.

Here's something to think about. Which would you remember more, an advertisement on your social media platform or an approachable salesperson giving you a chance to try something new? Reaching out to customers is crucial if you want to improve your marketing and boost your brand awareness. 

Don’t get me wrong, digital marketing has its benefits, and it’s definitely necessary. But for businesses to truly succeed, they also need to use innovative and successful offline marketing strategies. Customers don't just exist online, and there needs to be a real-world outside-of-the-screen connection too.

Read on for some tips and tricks for offline marketing that are excellent for increasing brand awareness.

Key takeaways for offline brand awareness

  1. Face-to-face interaction is powerful for brand awareness in the digital age, and businesses should not overlook offline marketing strategies.
  2. Utilise promotional products like pens, calendars, mugs, and t-shirts to keep your brand in customers' minds.
  3. Advertise in newspapers, as print advertisements still provide significant brand exposure.
  4. Hand out unique business cards to differentiate yourself and make an impression.
  5. Explore audio advertising, such as radio ads, to reach a wide audience and create memorable experiences.
  6. Attend roadshows and trade shows to showcase your offerings, attract new clients, and distribute branded samples.
  7. Create innovative pamphlets and flyers to spread the word about your company and share promotions.
  8. Network in person to create lasting, memorable impressions with potential customers.
  9. Use direct mail for promotions and advertisements, as it can deliver strong ROI and response rates.
  10. Print promotional business stickers to increase brand visibility on various surfaces.
  11. Update and consider eco-friendly packaging to enhance brand consistency and appeal to environmentally-conscious customers.
  12. Embrace a mix of offline and online marketing strategies to stand out and reach more customers.
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Utilise Promotional Products

I think everyone can agree that we love receiving freebies. Free promotional products are always appreciated, and they’re a great way to effectively broaden brand awareness. 

Ensure you’re leveraging the effectiveness of promotional products. And, if you take it one step further by ensuring the gifts are useful, they'll stay around the house or workplace far longer than you might expect. Classic and well-liked options for promotional products include pens, calendars, mugs, and graphic t-shirts.

Advertise in Newspapers

Although the digital age has undoubtedly hurt magazine sales, the majority of consumers still purchase a physical copy of their preferred newspaper. 

As a result, print advertisements provide a significant level of brand exposure. Ensure you keep these ads modest if your business is still very small, but attempt to incorporate a distinctive angle or hook. In a sea of competing content, your goal should be to stand out and attract consumers' attention.

Hand Out Business Cards

Although business cards had a significant decline in popularity in the early years of Facebook, they’re making a comeback.  

As a business, it’s your job to consistently discover fresh and intriguing new methods to define yourself using offline materials. You don't have to stick to traditional paper business cards either. There are countless options available nowadays, including wood, plastic, and metal. You can even make your card dual-purpose, such as adding a money clip or bottle opener. And, if you can relate the use to your brand, you’ll create even more awareness. 

Try Audio Advertising

According to Entrepreneur, a huge number of brands are missing out on major marketing opportunities as they’re neglecting audio advertising. 

In 2021, audio advertising experienced massive growth, and these numbers look set to continue rising. Radio ads can reach a huge number of people, and when done cleverly, leave a lasting, positive impression. Whether it's a funny ad or a memorable jingle, awareness of your brand grows rapidly when people hear about it on public platforms. 

Attend Roadshows and Trade Shows

Attending trade exhibitions may seem like a quaint idea, yet they’re significant sources of revenue and can drive growth too. Every year, thousands of businesses set up booths to showcase their offerings to potential customers. 

Additionally, trade exhibitions are an ideal setting for attracting new clients and spreading awareness by handing out branded samples and giveaways.

Create Pamphlets and Flyers

Using pamphlets and flyers is another fantastic tool for spreading the word about your company and increasing brand awareness. 

When developing your flyers and pamphlets, you can be innovative and unique. But ensure they are useful for reading, keeping, and storing and not just another piece of junk mail. Don't forget to mention any discounts or promotions your business may be offering, as well as your contact information.

Keep On Networking

Face-to-face interaction is the one tactic that’s most frequently ignored but tends to be the most effective. 

People always remember a one-on-one encounter better than an impersonal tweet or status post. 

Whether it’s on the street handing out freebies and samples, at corporate events passing out business cards or promoting your brand at trade exhibitions, you need to network. Just ensure you're not intrusive and try to be kind and approachable when using this strategy. 

Rely On Direct Mail

Techniques like direct mail are often thought of as outdated marketing methods, especially in comparison to Facebook or Twitter promotions. But when you consider that Business Wire reported that 74% of marketers believe that direct mail delivers the best ROI, response and conversion rate over all other channels, it's easy to see why you need to try it too. 

When customers have ordered from your company before, they’ll have to give you their mailing address. You can use this to send promotions and adverts to stay prominent in their minds. Just make sure that your promotional materials are appealing to the eye and useful. Think of a well-known brand like Domino’s that utilises this strategy with its takeaway coupons, effectively staying in everyone’s minds when picking a place to order pizza.

Print Promotional Business Stickers 

Apple is well-known for using this marketing strategy, supplying customers with the Apple logo sticker with every purchase. 

A bundle of personalised business stickers is a very efficient way to increase the visibility of your brand. Vinyl decals can be applied on virtually any surface, including tablets, computers, and mobile devices. You can follow Apple’s example and include a sticker with every purchase, or you can hand out stickers to anyone who wants one. Either way, it’ll boost your brand awareness.

Change The Packaging Of Your Products

It's time to think about a package makeover if you've been using the same packaging since you opened your doors, or even if it’s been a couple of years since your last upgrade. Once your new packaging is done, you can update your product photographs and marketing material to ensure that it creates brand consistency.

Additionally, it would be advantageous if you package your goods with eco-friendly materials as opposed to plastic. Going green allows you to promote your business as sustainable, which will draw customers that are passionate about protecting the environment and favor sustainable companies.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it's a mistake to undervalue offline marketing strategies. 

When everyone is competing for the same space in the exact same way, it's imperative that you make a splash and stand out from the crowd. If you think a little bit further than the screen and the click of a mouse, you’ll soon see just how many opportunities there are to boost brand awareness in the ‘real' world. 

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