How Salons Can Improve Cash Flow with Seamless Payment Solutions

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March 30, 2024

Salons can be successful on paper, but sit on a razor’s edge between financial viability and ruin as a result of cash flow complexities. Luckily there is a way to streamline revenue with just a few tweaks to how you handle transactions. The introduction of seamless payment solutions is the answer here, and is a strat that serves to restore stability, even in times of uncertainty.

Of course it’s easier to appreciate why adopting modern payment tech makes sense if you’ve also got some examples of what they can do to motivate your decision-making. So without further fuss, stick with us and learn about what the latest solutions are capable of.

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Key Takeaways on Improving Cash Flow for Salons 

  1. Addressing No-Shows: Utilise technology to combat no-shows by implementing prepayment options, transparent cancellation policies, and automated reminders to reduce revenue loss and maintain operational efficiency.
  2. Maximising Gift Card Revenue: Capitalise on the gift card market by promoting seasonal sales, offering incentive programs, and ensuring online accessibility to boost cash flow and attract new clients.
  3. Optimising Checkout Experience: Streamline the checkout process with mobile payment methods, itemised digital receipts, and loyalty integration to enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat visits.
  4. Introducing Pay-at-Chair Options: Enhance client convenience and satisfaction by introducing pay-at-chair options, utilising tech-forward transactions, and offering tailored service suggestions to elevate the overall salon experience and improve cash flow.
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Tackling No-Shows with Tech-Savvy Tactics

The no-show is the bane of any appointment-based business, and can wreak havoc on cash flow as well as derailing that oh-so-important operational efficiency you’ve worked to cultivate. In healthcare alone the costs generated by this issue annually are regularly cited as being $150 billion, with similar patterns disrupting the salon industry by extension, even if an exact figure isn’t available for this niche. Here’s how embracing technology can mitigate this issue:

  • Prepayment Perks: Secure a portion of your service revenue upfront by enabling prepayment options. A platform that offers credit card processing for salons is both a transaction tool and a commitment enforcer. Clients are less likely to skip appointments when their payment is already processed – as they don’t want their funds hanging in limbo if they don’t turn up to take advantage of the service they’ve booked.
  • Cancellation Policies Made Clearer: With digital transactions, you can seamlessly integrate your cancellation policy. This means clients are aware of potential fees for late cancellations or no-shows from the get-go. You need to be transparent about this to ensure you keep customers on-side, as well as to avoid getting on the wrong side of consumer rights regulators.
  • Automated Reminders: Implementing automatic text or email reminders through your payment platform enhances client experience and also reduces forgetfulness, which is of course one of the primary culprits behind missed appointments. Most people don’t mean to skip appointments, and we’re all absent minded from time to time - but with the latest payment solutions at the wheel, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Of course even with all the cutting edge tools on the market at your disposal, sometimes the odd no-show will slip through the net. It’s just a case of accepting that this is a possibility, while also doing everything in your power to prevent this becoming a millstone around the neck of your cash flow.

Unlocking Revenue Through Gift Card Glamour

Gift cards are great for all sorts of reasons – and they are especially relevant in the health and beauty industry, where salons can use them as a way to tempt customers not only to buy their own treatments, but also treat friends and family to a pamper session, paid for in advance. In fact, the gift card market is valued at $4.8 billion this year, and will grow to over $12 billion in the course of the coming decade. If that doesn't make you want to delve into this gold mine for your salon, what will? Here's how this booming industry can bolster your cash flow:

  • Seasonal Sales Surge: Strategically promote gift card sales during high seasons like Christmas, Mother's Day, or Valentine's Day. These are prime times when people are looking for thoughtful gifts that offer an experience.
  • Incentive Programs: Offer a small discount or extra service when clients purchase gift cards over a certain amount. It encourages immediate sales and brings in new clients who will potentially spend beyond the card’s value.
  • Online Accessibility: Make sure your gift cards are available for purchase online 24/7, because convenience is key in this and all other customer service and sales contexts. The easier it is to buy, the more likely you'll convert website visitors into revenue, even after business hours.

Gift cards can really grease the wheels of payments, and so you need them as part of your salon setup – because of course they’re purchased well in advance of the actual service being provided, and so that’s cash sitting in your coffers from the moment the transaction is completed. Whether or not the recipient actually redeems the gift card is an entirely different question – and one you don’t need to probe too deeply!

Streamlining Success at the Checkout

When clients glide from styling chair to checkout, the last thing you want is a bottleneck. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers cited the slickness of the checkout process as being instrumental in shaping their decisions over whether to become a repeat customer of a given company in a PYMNTS survey. Here's how optimising the checkout experience can lead to better cash flow:

  • Mobile Payment Methods: Clients love options. Beyond traditional credit card swipes, tap-to-pay and mobile wallets are becoming increasingly popular. These methods speed up transactions and reduce time spent in line.
  • Itemised Digital Receipts: Send detailed receipts via email or text post-service. This not only saves paper but also provides transparency for your clients, reinforcing trust.
  • Loyalty Integration: Implement a system where loyalty points are automatically tallied during payment. It adds value for clients and encourages repeat visits without manual tracking hassles.

Your checkout is the conduit that can keep the cash pouring into your salon, and whether it’s a physical POS system or an online appointment booking platform that’s doing the legwork, it has to be well organised and optimised. The aforementioned features should be part and parcel of any payment platform you implement – if they’re missing, then look for an alternative solution.

Investigating the Pay-at-Chair Phenomenon

The salon chair is where the client relationship is nurtured in a hands-on way, quite literally speaking. And now, with over 50% of consumers reporting that they prefer contactless payment options, the evolution of the checkout process has become paramount for businesses across the board. Here's how capitalising on this trend can ease your client's journey and enhance your cash flow:

  • No More Counter Queues: Introduce a pay-at-chair option to eliminate the need for clients to visit the front desk post-treatment. This personal touch ends their visit on a high note – through convenience.
  • Tech-Forward Transactions: Utilise tablets or mobile devices for secure, swift payments at the point of service. Clients appreciate efficiency, particularly if they're in a rush – and it’s how freelancers get paid, so if you’re more of a mobile beauty therapist and perform home visits rather than running a salon, there are relevant benefits here as well.
  • Tailored Service Suggestions: While finalising payment details in their relaxation bubble, subtly suggest booking their next appointment or purchasing recommended products based on their service history.

Incorporating pay-at-chair capabilities signals to clients that you value both their comfort and time, fostering an atmosphere where exceptional service seamlessly meets modern-day convenience.

Final Thoughts

The long and short of the cash flow question for salons is that seamless payment solutions really are the answer. And more than that, they serve as a means of making life easier for customers, while simultaneously solving a range of back-end problems including making it easier to manage your accounts and earn repeat business without more marketing outlay. 

So soak up these lessons like your client absorbs treatments, and let them be your inspiration for enacting positive change in your business today.

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