How to Find Good Selling Products for Your Amazon Store

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June 24, 2024

Running a successful Amazon store requires a keen understanding of market trends and consumer demand. Identifying trending products can significantly boost your sales and ensure that your store remains competitive. In this article, we will explore various strategies to help you find trending products for your Amazon store, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

Key Takeaways on Finding Finding Good-Selling Products for Your Amazon Store

  1. Understand the Role of Trends: Monitoring trends helps you stock high-demand items, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.
  2. Utilise Amazon's Best Sellers Lists: Regularly check Amazon’s Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers lists to identify popular products.
  3. Monitor Competitors: Analyse your competitors’ best-selling items and customer reviews to uncover market opportunities.
  4. Leverage Google Trends: Use Google Trends to gauge consumer interest and identify emerging trends by analysing search volume changes.
  5. Harness Social Media Insights: Follow influencers and relevant groups on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to stay updated on real-time consumer interests.
  6. Analyse Customer Reviews: Examine customer reviews on Amazon to identify popular features and unmet needs, guiding your product selection.
  7. Explore Niche Marketplaces: Look into niche marketplaces for unique products that can differentiate your store and attract dedicated customers.
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Understanding the Importance of Trends

Trends play a crucial role in determining what products will sell well at any given time. By identifying and capitalising on these trends, you can stock your store with items that are in high demand, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Monitoring trends allows you to anticipate market shifts and adjust your inventory accordingly, ensuring that your store remains relevant and profitable.

Managing Amazon Orders Pending

One of the challenges many sellers face is managing "Amazon orders pending." When you have pending orders, it means that customers are interested in your products, but the transactions have not yet been completed. This can occur due to various reasons, such as payment issues or stock shortages. By staying on top of trending products, you can minimise the occurrence of pending orders by ensuring that you always have popular items in stock and ready to ship.

Strategies for Finding Trending Products

To identify trending products for your Amazon store, you can employ several strategies. Here are some effective methods to help you discover what's hot in the market:

1. Utilise Amazon's Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers Lists

Amazon's Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers lists are excellent resources for finding trending products. The Best Sellers list shows the top-selling items in various categories, updated hourly. The Movers & Shakers list highlights products that have seen significant sales rank improvements over the past 24 hours. By regularly checking these lists, you can identify products that are currently popular and likely to continue selling well.

2. Monitor Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors can provide valuable insights into trending products. Analyse their best-selling items, customer reviews, and any new products they are introducing. Competitor analysis can help you identify gaps in the market and uncover opportunities to offer similar or complementary products.

3. Leverage Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool for gauging consumer interest. By entering relevant keywords, you can see how search volume has changed and identify emerging trends. This information can guide your product selection and marketing strategies, ensuring that you stock items that are gaining popularity.

4. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are excellent sources of real-time trend data. Follow influencers, join relevant groups, and monitor hashtags related to your niche. Social media can provide immediate insights into what consumers are talking about and interested in, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

5. Analyse Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback on Amazon can reveal valuable information about product trends. Look for common themes and issues that customers mention in their reviews. Positive reviews can highlight popular features and benefits, while negative reviews can indicate unmet needs and potential product improvements. By understanding customer sentiment, you can better anticipate which products will resonate with your target audience.

6. Explore Niche Marketplaces

In addition to Amazon, explore niche marketplaces and specialty stores to find unique and trending products. These platforms often cater to specific interests and can provide insights into emerging trends that may not yet be mainstream. By identifying niche products, you can differentiate your store and attract a dedicated customer base.

7. Utilising Digital Tools

Utilising digital tools can significantly streamline the process of identifying trending products. Various tools are available that can analyse market data, monitor competitors, and track consumer behaviour to help you make informed decisions. For instance, SmartScout’s online arbitrage tools allow you to identify profitable opportunities by scanning multiple e-commerce platforms for products that can be bought at a lower price and sold at a higher margin on Amazon.

Leveraging Data Analytics

Data analytics plays a crucial role in identifying and capitalising on trending products. By leveraging various data sources and analytical tools, you can gain deeper insights into market trends and consumer behaviour.

1. Amazon Sales Data

Amazon provides a wealth of sales data that can help you identify trends. Use Amazon's sales reports and analytics tools to track your own sales performance and identify which products are gaining traction. Analyse factors such as sales volume, revenue, and conversion rates to understand which products are driving your business.

2. Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and AMZScout can help you uncover trending products by analysing search volume and competition for specific keywords. These tools provide data on how often certain keywords are searched and how many sellers are competing for those terms. By targeting high-volume, low-competition keywords, you can identify trending products with strong sales potential.

3. Customer Demographics and Behaviour

Understanding your customer demographics and behaviour is key to identifying trending products. Use tools like Amazon's Brand Analytics and third-party analytics platforms to gather data on your customers' age, gender, location, and purchasing habits. This information can help you tailor your product selection to meet the needs and preferences of your target audience.

What's Trending on Amazon

Staying informed about "what's trending on Amazon" is essential for keeping your store competitive. Here are some tips:

1. Subscribe to Industry Newsletters and Blogs

Industry newsletters and blogs are excellent sources of information on the latest trends and market insights. Subscribe to newsletters from industry experts, follow relevant blogs, and join online communities to stay informed about the latest developments in your niche.

2. Attend Trade Shows and Industry Events

Trade shows and industry events provide valuable opportunities to discover new products and trends. Attend these events to network with other professionals, learn about the latest innovations, and gain insights into emerging trends. Many events also offer educational sessions and workshops that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

3. Join Amazon Seller Forums

Amazon seller forums are a great place to connect with other sellers and share insights on trending products. Participate in discussions, ask questions, and exchange ideas with fellow sellers. These forums can provide valuable firsthand information on what's working for other sellers and help you stay informed about the latest trends.

4. Utilise Trend Tracking Tools

There are several trend tracking tools available that can help you monitor and identify emerging trends on Amazon. Tools like Keepa, CamelCamelCamel, and Trendosaur track price changes, sales rank history, and product trends. By using these tools, you can stay informed about the latest trends and make data-driven decisions for your store.

Implementing Trending Products in Your Store

Once you've identified trending products, it's essential to implement them effectively in your Amazon store. Here are some steps to help you successfully introduce and market trending products:

1. Evaluate Product Viability

Before adding a trending product to your store, evaluate its viability. Consider factors such as demand, competition, profit margins, and supplier reliability. Ensure that the product aligns with your brand and meets the needs of your target audience.

2. Optimise Product Listings

Create compelling and informative product listings that highlight the features and benefits of your trending products. Use high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords to improve your listings' visibility and attractiveness.

3. Leverage Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising can help you promote your trending products and reach a wider audience. Use Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads to increase your products' visibility and drive traffic to your listings. Monitor your ad performance and adjust your campaigns as needed to maximise your return on investment.

4. Monitor Inventory Levels

Managing inventory levels is crucial when dealing with trending products. Ensure that you have sufficient stock to meet demand, but avoid overstocking to minimise the risk of unsold inventory. Use inventory management tools to track stock levels and set up automatic reordering to prevent stockouts.

5. Gather Customer Feedback

Collect and analyse customer feedback on your trending products to identify areas for improvement and ensure customer satisfaction. Use this feedback to refine your product selection and make data-driven decisions for future inventory.


Finding trending products for your Amazon store is a dynamic process that requires continuous monitoring and analysis. By leveraging a combination of tools and strategies, you can stay ahead of the competition and ensure that your store remains stocked with high-demand items. Remember to utilise resources like Amazon's Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers lists, Google Trends, social media, and data analytics to uncover valuable insights into market trends.

As you implement trending products in your store, focus on optimising product listings, managing inventory levels, and leveraging advertising to maximise your sales potential. By staying informed and adapting to market shifts, you can build a successful Amazon store that attracts and retains customers.

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