How to Give Your Business a Professional Makeover

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May 10, 2023

Creating a successful business is not a one-step job. There are multitudes of different aspects to both creating that success and maintaining it, and this varies based on industry and your intended audience, amongst other things. Appearance may not be everything, but your business looking good certainly helps. Here are some ways to boost the look and feel of your company to help stimulate growth and retain your current clients and customers.

Key Takeaways on Giving Your Business a Makeover:

  • Office Renovation: Refresh and declutter your office space, ensuring it's comfortable and safe for employees, and consider hiring a general contractor for renovations.
  • Website Refresh: Update your website to reflect a professional and modern image, and consider working with an agency for web design and search engine optimisation.
  • Branding Redesign: Revamp your logo and color scheme to show that your business is up-to-date and relevant in the market.
  • Work-Life Reassessment: Improve work-life balance for your team by considering flexible work schedules, shorter work weeks, or other options that cater to employees' needs, which can boost happiness and productivity.
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Office Renovation

Now that many are returning to the workplace, it may be worth identifying what works and what doesn’t in your office. If you’ve decided on a more flexible work schedule for your staff to reduce numbers in the office, you’ll likely want to simplify the area by removing desks and opening more space for safer distancing. Cramped work-conditions are even more a thing of the past due to the pandemic, so a fresh, open space will help.

In addition to opening up space, upgrading your office flooring can also contribute to a professional makeover. Commercial flooring is designed to be durable, high-quality, and suitable for business premises, ensuring a lasting and attractive appearance. This investment enhances the overall aesthetic and provides a more comfortable and functional workspace for your employees.

Keep your team’s spirits up with brighter, warming colours to help direct light throughout your building. Make sure you spend some extra time on the relaxation areas, too. Many people have spent time working from home and moving back to office environments will be a slight shock to the system. Sometimes enlisting the help of a general contractor to make some well-needed renovations is a better investment, such as calling commercial contractors in Jacksonville, or contractors wherever you are based, to take a look. It’s their responsibility to manage a construction project from start to finish. They handle each step of the process with the utmost care. Also, provide your valued staff with some home comforts for their lunch breaks. A happy team is a productive one, after all.

Website Refresh

How good or bad a website is can say a lot about a company. As well as renovating your office, you’ll want a slick new site to entice customers whilst displaying an air of legitimacy and professionalism. If you don’t have an in-house web design team, consider working with an agency such as these professional web designers. They’ll not only create a sleek new layout and host your site, but they can also work with you to ensure quality search engine optimisation and copywriting to improve your reach to the public.

Branding Redesign

Nothing is fresher than a new logo and colour scheme. Refreshing your branding not only encourages clients and customers by showing you’re still active and are dedicated to maintaining your business’ appearance, but it also shows a level of awareness of changing style and staying relevant in a bustling marketplace. If you’ve had the same logo for the past 10 years, you’ll likely be able to see how dated it’s become. That’s of course not always the case, but as design software and trends change, what was once appealing to the eyes can now seem unpleasant, similarly with colour schemes.

Work-Life Reassessment

Changing the way you and your team work might not directly affect your company’s appearance, but it can drastically improve mood and productivity. Having a good work-life balance has become a popular focus for many new and successful businesses. Consider shorter work weeks with perhaps longer workdays, or even flexible work times to cater to parents who may want to spend more time with their families or pick the kids up from school. If your team is happy, you’ll find that your business has a much better chance of continued success and growth.

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