Push Your Web Conversions To The Max

September 22, 2020

Push Your Web Conversions To The Max on your Business Website
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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Are you struggling with high levels of traffic but poor levels of conversions? Well, you’re not alone and this is a problem that a lot of business website owners have. Here are the best solutions for you to consider.

Use A Video Chat

First, you might want to consider adding a video chat to your website. A video chat will provide a way to directly engage with your users. It can help them understand more about your business and allow you to answer any specific queries that they may have. Is there a way with the way that your site functions. While a video chat service from companies like Click4Assistance can’t directly solve problems like this, they can operate as a smart workaround. They can ensure that customers don’t get lost trying to reach a purchase.

Consider A Chat Bot

An alternative idea to a video chat would be adding a chatbot. Polls suggest that customers love live chats so this is definitely an option worth considering. Advanced live chats can automate the purchase decision too. They can send users directly to the page that they are looking for. Or, they might even add a product to their basket and help them complete the final part of the process.

Revamp Your Site Design

You might also want to think about renovating your website design. It’s possible that your website design is stagnant and stale. You can change this with or without the help of a professional web designer. However, if you are eager to boost conversions, then it’s worth exploring A/B testing. With A/B testing, you will be able to fine-tune your site by changing key details that might at first seem insignificant. When you focus on the right details, you will be able to adjust your site in a way that causes conversion rates to explode.

Add More Content

Next, you should consider building up the content on your site. Similar to chatbots and video chats, content is a great way to provide users with the information they need, albeit in a more indirect fashion. Content will also ensure that your website is worth viewing more than once. So, this gives you additional chances to get the user to a purchase decision or, if we’re being optimistic, claim the repeat sale. Of course, you do need to approach content the right way. It should be targeted and solve or address problems that users have.

Increase Your Speed

Finally, you might find that the issue with your low conversion rate is a matter of speed. Perhaps your site simply isn’t fast enough for your users. That’s a problem that is easily rectified. One of the options to explore is to condense data files like images and videos. There are tools online that can allow you to do this. Don’t forget, the largest percentage of traffic is now coming from mobile platforms. So, you need to make sure that your site will load rapidly on these rather than the typical desktop.

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