4 Tips to Optimise Your Lead Capture Forms for More Conversions

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June 21, 2024

Every marketer knows how crucial it is to capture and convert leads as part of their overall internet marketing strategy. According to statistics, 85% of companies consider lead generation to be their most important marketing goal. While it’s important to increase website traffic, it’s even more important to attract the right prospects and turn them into customers.

Lead capture is the process of transforming website visitors into paying customers. Marketers often employ pop-ups as lead capture forms on their websites to achieve this. For instance, suppose your business specialises in solar leads. In that case, enhancing your blog with engaging, insightful content can significantly boost solar lead generation, drawing in potential customers considering a shift to solar energy. The goal is to collect client data in return for something of value, such as a coupon code, a free ebook, or a free trial. Although lead acquisition via embedded web forms remains dominant, shifting consumer behaviours are making lead capture form methods more inefficient. 

People nowadays are understandably wary of disclosing personal information online because of the importance they place on it. 

The amount of information you can gather is also related to the length of the form. In general, the longer the form, the higher the percentage of individuals who will leave before finishing. But if your form has more fields, the better quality leads you get.

What steps can you take to boost the amount and quality of your leads? Read on for four lead capture form best practices to optimise your lead capture forms and increase the number of leads your website generates.

Key Takeaways on Optimising Your Lead Capture:

  1. Create multi-step processes for lead capture forms to provide a more engaging user experience and collect relevant information.
  2. Add interactive content, such as polls, surveys, chatbots, games, and questionnaires, to make lead capture more interesting for site visitors.
  3. Design engaging pop-up lead capture forms, considering when to display them to enhance user experience and conversion rates.
  4. Utilise lead generation chatbots to revolutionise form filling, improve customer engagement, and ensure 24/7 lead collection.
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Create Multi-Step Processes for Lead Capture Forms

Providing a multi-step form to your consumers is a great approach to increasing your lead conversion. Having access to information from different perspectives can make the user experience more pleasant, which in turn can increase the quality of the leads you generate.

Customers love filling out forms gradually, but the fewer fields there are, the better. Asking just a few well-selected questions will allow you to get the most relevant information and gauge a lead's potential as a paying client.

Add Some Life to Your Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture is more interesting for site visitors when you provide content that encourages interaction on their behalf. That way, they can engage with your brand in more ways than simply reading a blog or whitepaper, such as by participating in polls, games, and more.  

To get your audience involved and interested, you can include:

The lead capture forms on your website will greatly benefit from a more game-like design. Gamified incentives like points, badges, and awards encourage site visitors to provide more information.

You can learn more about your site visitors than simply their email addresses by using interactive content. At the same time, you're able to teach and provide value to your audience. Using interactive content rather than static forms can increase your lead capture while making both you and your customer satisfied.

Create a Pop-Up Lead Capture Form 

Pop-up forms designed to collect leads are an efficient means of converting website visitors. When done properly, they’re effective in enhancing the user experience and collecting the contact details of potential customers, ultimately increasing your conversion rate. Utilising exit popup software can further optimise this process by ensuring the pop-up appears at the right moment, such as when a user is about to leave the site.

Attractive aesthetics are the first thing that draws the attention of site visitors. Create an engaging design for the pop-up that complements the rest of your site. 

If you want your pop-up to be effective and not disturb your visitors, you need to pay attention to when it appears. What they see will determine how long they stay on your site. For instance, when a reader has completed your blog post, you could prompt a newsletter pop-up. 

The reader can then choose whether or not to subscribe to your blog based on how much they like the content. If you want your pop-up to function more as a call to action, wait until the reader has finished reading before displaying it.

Make Use of Lead Generation Chatbots

Lead generation chatbots are a great way to improve lead capture. Using a chatbot to collect leads can revolutionise how your site's users feel about filling out forms. Chatbots engage with clients and gather data 24/7, ensuring you never miss a lead.

One viable alternative to paper forms is button-based bots. They resemble decision trees in structure and provide several paths for users to advance. Chatbots make the tone of speech more conversational, interactive, and engaging, improving the customer experience and engagement. Unsurprisingly, chatbots are gradually replacing more conventional methods of gathering lead information.

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