Revolutionise Your Small Business Bakery with Whipped Cream Chargers

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June 30, 2023

As a small business owner, you feel the pressure of trying to keep up with the market, with demand, and with your budget. You have plenty of challenges on your plate, and we haven’t even touched on marketing. Luckily, there are tools of the trade to help. One tool that can save you time and money while helping you keep up with orders is whipped cream chargers.

But what are they? How do they work? And how do they help you? Let’s take a closer look at your kitchen’s new best friend.

Key Takeaways on Whipped Cream Chargers

  1. Whipped cream chargers: Metal canisters filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) for making whipped cream and more.
  2. Works with a dispenser: Chargers are used alongside a whipped cream dispenser and pressure regulator for adjusting N2O levels.
  3. Time and cost savings: Whip cream in seconds, eliminating manual whipping and reducing reliance on expensive premade options.
  4. Versatile applications: Ideal for whipped cream and a variety of recipes like mousses, infused oils, frothy cocktails, and more.
  5. Boosts marketing: Achieve picture-perfect results for Instagram-worthy desserts, enhancing customer experience and attracting new business.
  6. Productivity and efficiency: Level up your bakery with faster production and expanded menu options using whipped cream chargers.
  7. Obtain supplies: Find chargers, dispensers, and pressure regulators online or in supply shops to create a complete set for your bakery.
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What are Whipped Cream Chargers?

A cream charger is a metal canister full of nitrous oxide, or N2O. You’ve likely heard of this gas before, though not necessarily for baking. Nitrous oxide is used in many fields, including the medical field. You may have heard your dentist discuss ‘laughing gas’— that’s nitrous oxide. N2O is non-toxic and has a subtle, sweet flavour. However, due to its nature, you do need to handle the canisters carefully and not inhale the gas directly.

The chargers work in tandem with a whipped cream dispenser and a pressure regulator. The dispenser allows you to mix things with the charger, and the pressure regulator allows you to adjust the N2P levels for different recipes and densities.

The chargers themselves can vary greatly in size, from individual 8G canisters to commercial-sized 640G canisters. The size you need will depend on how much they get used. For businesses, it’s often best to go with the larger.

One thing to note is that whipped cream chargers go by many names. You may see them referred to as cream chargers, whippets, whippits, and other similar nicknames.

How are Chargers Used?

Despite the name, chargers work for more than just whipped cream. But we’ll start there. A whipped cream charger can help you make perfect, fluffy, stable whipped cream in a matter of seconds. That’s right, seconds. No more whipping by hand forever or having to tie up one of your mixers. You just put your ingredients in the dispenser— feel free to add extra flavouring to the heavy cream —place the charger, and shake. Then use the dispenser to, well, dispense. Most dispensers have changeable nozzles to adjust the look of your whipped cream. If you don’t use the entire batch, it can be refrigerated for up to two days.

Now, as mentioned, whipped cream chargers work for more than making whipped cream. You can make flavoured whipped cream! — we tease. Whipped cream chargers work for numerous recipes, not all of them desserts. Here are a few examples:

  • Nitro coffee
  • Carbonated fruit
  • Espumas
  • Edible foams
  • Infused oils
  • Infused butter
  • Mousses
  • Frothy cocktails

If you run a bakery, the whipped cream creation is enough on its own to justify the purchase, as you can save time and money. But with added recipes like mousse taking a fraction of the time, you get an even greater return on the investment.

Additional Benefits of Using a Cream Charger

We’ve already discussed how they save you time, so let’s talk about how they save you money. Sure, labor cost is the obvious answer. But they also keep you from relying on premade whipped cream, which can get expensive. You get the same amount of control over ingredients working from scratch without the time-consuming hassle of whipping or frothing. They also count as a business expense for your taxes.

But that’s not all! You may remember that at the beginning of this article, we mentioned marketing. It wasn’t just to bring up things that cost you time and effort! With a whipped cream charger, you get picture-perfect results. That means your cupcakes will be immediately Instagram-worthy, and you can give your customers exactly what they see in the pictures. Good marketing helps draw in new customers, and a great customer experience brings them back.

Level Up Your Bakery

Whipped cream chargers open a new level of productivity and efficiency for your bakery, as well as new recipes. Perhaps you’ll start serving cafe drinks so you can over crips, refreshing nitro coffee. Or maybe carbonated fruit will be your new best-selling garnish. No matter what additional uses, saving time on your whipped cream and getting picture-perfect results every time is an absolute game changer. So, what are you waiting for? You can find chargers, dispensers, and pressure regulators online or in supply shops. Just make sure they work together as a set, and then have fun!

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