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Robin joins me today to share how he transitioned from digital marketing into fearless business coaching by giving himself time to consider why his old business wasn’t serving him any longer and the changes he needed to make.

He discusses the perks of working remotely, how he integrates his work and family life, and how he stays focused on his overarching goals. Robin also shares the tools he uses to stay productive and why he occasionally takes a day away from technology to remain energised and remember the big picture.

“Sometimes we set big goals for ourselves, but we don’t actually believe we can achieve them. That creates fear, then the fight, flight, or fear response kicks in and most of us just procrastinate.”

- Robin Waite

Listen to the full Episode here:

Robin Waite · The Power to Live More Podcast Interview with Jo Dodds - Setting Fearless Goals

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How Robin helps clients through his three-pronged Business Accelerator Programme
  • Why Robin values being an entrepreneur and how it helps him integrate his work and business life
  • How to identify lag indicators in your business and why you need to pay attention to them
  • The importance of self-awareness for business owners
  • Why you need to set business goals and put strategies in place to achieve those goals
  • The importance of trusting your gut
  • Why you need to build activities that get you closer to your goal
  • Why it’s critical to avoid underestimating the process of setting goals and planning your route
  • Robin’s favorite apps for managing his workload
  • Why Robin loves to listen to audio books and podcasts
  • How Robin copes on days when it all goes wrong
  • Why he loves surfing and cycling, and how they reinvigorate him

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