The World Has Changed, Isn't It Time Your Business Does Too?

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February 9, 2024

It all seems quite chaotic at the minute, doesn’t it?

On the one hand, we still have nagging unemployment all over the European Union and Britain, but we’re also in the age of “the great resignation.

This strange paradoxical period where even though the global economy is restarting and there are record-breaking demands for workers skilled, and otherwise worldwide, there are people all over the planet resigning from their jobs by the millions.

This is down to many factors, but the ultimate effect is that if you are to remain competitive in a world that’s just gone from dormant to crazy competitive, then your business simply has to embrace the change too.

Staying ahead of the pack when it feels like the group is always ten steps ahead is no mean feat.

But we are going to show you how.

Key Takeaways on Adapting Your Business to Change:

  • It’s Time to Consider an Image Change: Embrace cooperation across competition lines and consider rebranding to stay unique and identifiable in a rapidly evolving market.
  • Identity Matters: Focus on rediscovering and reinforcing your company's core identity through strategic rebranding to align with your future business strategy and market positioning.
  • Marketplace Realignment: By embracing change and a new identity, position your business for a new marketplace realignment, seizing new opportunities and staying relevant in a dynamic economic landscape.
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It’s time to consider an image change

You might find yourself in the company of strange bedfellows of late, and they may include your competition. This is because there is an increased willingness for companies and businesses to cooperate across previously insurmountable competition lines. This is undoubtedly true in the urban centres of the globe, but it is especially true in smaller, rural and local economies.

Finding yourself in this type of arrangement might at first feel a little strange, but it’s a very natural way of doing business. One could almost argue that it was the original form of business before we started the capitalist systems as we know them today. If you’re unsure how to navigate this new playing field, you might need some help - consider a business coach.

However, this could mean that to remain unique and identifiable, you will need an image change. It is now that you will bring in your communications partners, graphic designers like Design Cloud, advertising agencies, etc.

Identity Matters

It’s effortless to get caught up in long-winded discussions about what your company “looks like” and “sounds like”. Wonderful corporate jargon is often thrown around at this point with words and phrases like “value proposition”, “marketing strategy”, and our new global favourite “pandemic survival strategy” Urgh...frustrated much?

As annoying as all of that can be, though, it is essential to remember the identity of your business, the heart and soul of your company, and there are fewer more effective ways to know this than by redoing it all.

Reworking your company’s image in line with what your onward moving strategy will look like will equip you with a unique opportunity to truly discover your company’s identity. When you know what that is, you’ll know what needs to change to realign with your changing competition strategy and sales and marketing functions.

Marketplace realignment

When you give your company the freedom to change and to embrace a new identity along with new opportunities, you will almost automatically, as a matter of course, claim a new marketplace realignment. This is always a good thing because the smart money knows and sees which companies are moving with them - and who is staying behind.

There’s a brave new world out there that’s just bursting with unique opportunities and new ways to make some good money, but you have to rise to meet the challenge.

The future economy of this world is looking increasingly like it’s going to be a re-energised economy and (saved) by small to medium-sized businesses.

Don’t fall behind.

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