Tips For Modern Ecommerce Marketing

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November 30, 2023

After the outrageous events following the novel coronavirus, several industries were turned upside down. The retail sector suffered its worst year in many years due to lockdowns globally which caused most not to leave their homes entirely. This meant that many individuals quickly turned to online shopping. The covid-19 pandemic ensured the rapid growth the eCommerce industry experienced; thanks to this, a whole new world of opportunities opened up for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. It sparked change in a significant percentage of existing businesses and will continue to do so until every last one has moved into the eCommerce way of doing business. Many end-user consumers have become comfortable with the idea of buying online, primarily if purchases can be delivered within a day.

As you explore various strategies for your e-commerce marketing, it's beneficial to consider diverse learning resources. For example, there are tutorials that you can view here that walk you through the process of building a website, which is a solid foundation in which to start marketing your e-commerce business. A good website structure and design allows for social media integration options, SEO benefits, and even more marketing strategies.

Key Takeaways on Modern eCommerce Marketing Tips:

  1. WordPress: To take your business online, create a quality, responsive website using WordPress, which handles the coding and allows for rich snippets to improve display and click rates.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Improve your website's ranking on Google by strategically inserting keywords and reputable backlinks in quality content, avoiding keyword cramming and following Google's algorithm.
  3. Google Ads: Use Google Ads to bid against competitors for the top ad spot on Google search results. This can be effective in less crowded industries or when targeting specific keywords. Google Ads can instantly change the course of a business when done right.
  4. Outsourcing: Hire a professional to develop a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business, taking into account your target demographic and niche market. Companies like Loudmouse can provide targeted advice and strategies, allowing you to monitor marketing success and make ongoing improvements.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can leverage the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry and effectively reach potential customers in the digital space.

Online Business Startup

1. WordPress

The first thing on the agenda when you're thinking of taking your business online is a quality website. The quality of the web page is crucial because Google prefers ranking quality and responsive web pages. This is merely because people don't necessarily like slow-loading websites. The better the responsiveness, the better your ranking. Remember also to insert rich snippets for the best possible display and click rate. Building your quality website using WordPress is a smart move; some time ago, this required some skilled coding, but with the WordPress software, all the coding is taken care of.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic to your website by utilising organic search engine results. This is an effective means of getting your website to rank higher on Google. It is precisely done as keywords are inserted strategically, which includes reputable backlinks. This is also based on Google's algorithm to place the most relevant site to specific search phrases. To be the most relevant to search phrases, you need a lot of quality content and keywords. Google's algorithm can also pick up if keywords were crammed into a site, and it will avoid placing these sites on the first page of the results.

3. Google Ads

Another great way of getting your business to the top of the Google search results is through Google Ads. This means of marketing requires you to bid against competitors for the top spot of the ads on Google. If you're in a crowded industry with loads of competitors, this might not be ideal as you'll have to bid some significant amounts to surpass your competitors. But if you're in an industry where your competitors aren't using Google Ads or if you're targeting more specific keywords, you might just be lucky. Google Ads has the capability of instantaneously changing the course of any business when it's done right.

Why not start experimenting with different forms of online marketing? You might just surprise yourself. If you want a specialist to guide you in the right direction, you can be sure that there are various companies out there that do specialise in online marketing. Don't be afraid to take leaps; it's almost the only way you'll be able to stand out amongst the rest.

4. Outsourcing

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers around the world, but like anything else, you need to know how to use it effectively. This way, you can ensure that your investment in time and money can go to the right place. 

When you’re trying to achieve excellent results, it makes sense to use a professional to help you to come up with a digital marketing strategy that works. Every company is different, especially if you are targeting a niche market. A marketing strategy that works for one demographic won’t be as effective for another, which means that you need to have a specific plan. 

While some general tips can easily boost your current marketing efforts, a company like Loudmouse can deliver targeted advice and strategies for your business. You can then gather data on your marketing success and constantly work toward further improvement. 

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