Top Five Easy Ways To Track Your Packages

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March 19, 2024

In the current era of a fast-paced world, life can seem pretty overwhelming at certain times, right? There is no way you can deny it, but fortunately, the rising surge of online shopping comes with its own perks, making your life less hectic. 

With online shopping, you can save so much energy and shop everything in the most convenient manner. 

However, while others choose to shop from physical stores due to the hassle of waiting and tracking their packages, there are some factors that can make your online shopping experience smooth and seamless. And we call it the liberty of tracking packages with real-time information. 

Consequently, with more advancement and progress, there are so many ways you can track your parcels and say bye to your stress. So, let's dig in to find the top five easy ways to track your packages.

Key Takeaways on Easy Ways to Track Your Packages:

  1. Importance of Tracking Packages: Tracking packages provides real-time information on your parcel's progress, allowing you to align delivery days and ensure a stress-free shopping experience.
  2. Tracking via Carrier Website: You can track your package by visiting the official website of the courier company and entering the assigned tracking number for instant updates.
  3. Mobile Apps: Many courier companies offer mobile apps that allow you to track packages, providing notifications and alerts for order progress.
  4. Package Tracking Websites: Specialised parcel tracking websites consolidate information from various shipping companies, enabling you to monitor multiple orders from one platform.
  5. Email and SMS Notifications: Utilise email and SMS notifications to receive time-sensitive updates on your package's status, making tracking more convenient and efficient.
  6. Smart Home Assistants: Smart home assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant can be used to check delivery status and receive confirmation texts via voice commands for a tech-savvy tracking option.
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How fiveCan Track Your Package?

Before we jump into discussing the methods of tracking your package, the question that may arise in your mind is, how is it possible to track my package, and how important is it?

While talking about this, starting from placing an order on a website to receiving the parcel at your doorstep lies a whole systematic procedure. And where external factors may impact the delivery of your package, tracking packages gives you a clear insight into your parcel’s progress.

It lets you align your delivery days with a day off so you don't miss important packages. Also, being aware of a package’s status aids you in having a stress-free shopping experience.

That being said, let's talk about the five easy yet effective ways you can track your packages and leverage a more reliable shopping experience. 

1. Tracking via Carrier Website 

The most commonly used method to track your package is by accessing the courier's company's official website. Each time you place an order, the company assigns a tracking number. 

Hence, you can open the courier's official site and type that number in the “Track” option, readily available on their website. Once you enter it, you will find all the real-time updates and the status of your parcel. It takes a few minutes and two to three clicks to give you real-time information about your order's process. 

2. Mobile Apps 

The innovation of technology buds the gift of immense ease in our lives. Likewise, the courier companies have now launched their own apps. Using these apps, you can successfully track your packages. All you have to do is download the courier's app and then enter your order's tracking number. And within a few seconds, all the necessary details will be shown in the application. 

Moreover, these mobile apps constantly update you with your order's progress via notifications and alerts. So, instead of revisiting the app repeatedly, you can review your order’s progress through these notification updates.

3. Package Tracking Websites

Moving on to the third way of tracking, you can try special parcel tracking sites or tools. These parcel tracking tools contain all the information from different shipping companies. Thus, by using a single website or tool like, you can easily monitor and check the status of a number of parcels.

Accessing these websites will aid you in managing and keeping a quick track of your orders. You can view the status of various orders and determine if a particular order has been dispatched, is in the processing stage, or is scheduled for delivery.

4. Email and SMS Notifications 

Similar to application notifications, courier companies also have an upgraded system of Email and SMS alerts. You might have noticed that when you place an order on a website, you are asked to share your phone number and Email address. 

The whole purpose of requiring these personal details is to streamline your entire shopping process. Hence, when your order makes some progress, you get an update via your Email. 

Subsequently, SMS notifications also function in the same manner. Thus, if you are someone who does not check their mail actively, you can rely on your SMS notification to assist you in keeping a good track of your orders. 

SMS and Email updates are more time-sensitive, providing a more convenient tracking information method. These updates are also more effective since you don't have to do the extra work of opening the apps and website online. 

5. Smart Home Assistants

Lastly, one more way you can keep a strong track of your packages is through smart home assistants. These assistants are advanced and programmed to accommodate your queries via voice commands.

With integrated features, you can definitely do much more, like ask it to check your delivery status, confirmation texts, etc. Some of the best ones out there include Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. Therefore, if you are a techie, you can choose smart home assistants to track your orders with minimal effort.


Now that we have talked about ways to track your packages, it is time for you to decide which one you are going to opt for.

Whether it is the conventional website check method or SMS/ Email alerts, they all effectively provide you with real-time updates of your packages. It is not the method that counts; it is how much you can rely on it for transparent tracking

So don't miss out on your chance to have hassle-free online shopping experiences, and try one of the ways mentioned above to unleash smooth tracking of your packages from the comfort of your home.

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