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September 29, 2022

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I just wanted to share a little system with you that I use to 10x my content on a regular basis and leverage it.

It's called the Video Content Ecosystem

Here are the steps and the flow diagram to help explain it:

STEP #1 - Facebook Live Video

Record a FB Live Video around a topic title and 5 bullets no more than 5-10 minutes long

STEP #2 - Manage Videos on Facebook

Go to your FB page, click videos on the left-hand menu and then 'manage videos'.

STEP #3 - Download HD Video from Facebook

Download the HD version of whichever video(s) you want to re-purpose.

STEP #4 - Upload Video to YouTube/Vimeo

Upload the video(s) to YouTube and/or Vimeo

Video Content Ecosystem

STEP #5 - Use Rev.Com to Transcribe Your Video

Set up and account with and link up your YouTube/Vimeo account with Rev.

STEP #6 - Download the Caption File from

Order captions of your chosen video(s) via Rev including the .srt, .txt and .vtt file formats.

STEP #7 - Upload Caption file to FB

Upload the caption files to FB. This is usually the .srt version of the file. If you've hooked up Rev to YouTube/Vimeo it will automatically publish the caption files to those platforms.

STEP #8 - Edit Caption file into a Blog

Open the .txt (transcript) file using Word or Google Docs. Post edit the file and split it out into appropriate headings and paragraphs.

5 mins of audio/video dictated normally equates to about 500 words once edited - i.e. about the size of a good blog article.

STEP #9 - Run the Blog Article through Grammarly

Run it through Grammarly to check to spelling and grammatical errors (if you register for the free trial and wait a couple of weeks they'll send you a 50% off an email...eventually).

STEP #10 - Repurpose Your Articles on LinkedIn

Re-post your new blog article as an article on LinkedIn, on your website blog and into a FB post (alongside your video). You can embed the video inside the post as well if you want to for extra SEO credits.

Alongside this import the article into - which creates a DA90 backlink back to your blog, you can also re-use these articles within a LinkedIn Newsletter, Facebook Group, Facebook Page or as a long-form post in your personal Facebook Feed.


#1 - Send this process to your VA and get them to do it for all of your videos to save yourself even more time!!

#2 - The .vtt file is useful if you're creating an eLearning program on say Udemy, you've got the caption files ready for that platform then.

#3 - Plan out a chapter list at the start and do this x30 and you've got yourself a book!

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