Why You Should Choose an Access Control System for Your Business

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November 15, 2023

An access control system is defined as a system of software and hardware with the help of which it becomes possible to provide complete security to your business. With this system, you will not only be able to track the entry and exit of the employee but also can monitor the movement throughout the office. With the advancement of technology nowadays you can get a more reliable and efficient system that includes a key or access cards, biometrics, passwords and pin codes, and mobile apps or barcodes.

Nowadays along with the door access control system, every business also installs CCTV cameras in different key positions for providing complete security to the business. With the help of such a system a business owner can avail the following advantages:

Key Takeaways on Access Control Systems for Your Business:

  1. Definition and Components of Access Control System: An access control system comprises software and hardware tools that enhance a business's security. It helps monitor the entry and exit of employees and their movements within the office. Modern systems employ keys, access cards, biometrics, passwords, pin codes, mobile apps, and barcodes.
  2. Combination with CCTV Cameras: Businesses often complement access control systems with CCTV cameras at crucial points to bolster security. This setup allows for more comprehensive monitoring and control.
  3. Reduction in Theft Risk: With an access control system in place, businesses can restrict unauthorised access, thus mitigating theft risks. It's reported that businesses in the US lose about $50 billion annually due to in-house thefts. CCTV cameras deter authorised personnel from theft due to surveillance.
  4. Employee Protection: Access control systems provide a secure working environment for employees as only authorised individuals have access to the premises. This safety measure makes employees more comfortable, even during late hours or overnight shifts.
  5. Activity Records: Access control systems provide a reliable method for tracking employee attendance and activity within the office. Combined with CCTV surveillance, employers can monitor employee performance and adherence to assigned tasks more effectively.
  6. Restricted Access to Certain Areas: The system allows employers to restrict access to sensitive areas within the office, such as labs, storage rooms, and production areas. This control is particularly useful when working with sensitive data, high-value materials, or dangerous activities.
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Reduce the risk of theft

As per a research study, it is found that the business in the US loses $50 billion every year because of in-house thefts of different nature. With a door access control system featuring smart locks that can be set up to recognise a range of authorisation keys which can be changed, there is a high level of control on who is able to access certain doors. The electronic smart locks themselves also prevent anyone from accessing areas of the business which are off limits, even when trying to pry a door open, the locks will not budge. This is great for gating off parts of the business to internal staff but also can be used for securing the perimeter of a business from those who would seek to steal from the business or otherwise cause trouble inside, keeping your employees and your stock safe.

Protect your employees

With access control, the employee just needs to swap the card or use the biometric for entering the office building and once they get inside the building they are completely secure as only the authorised people can enter the building. The employee can work comfortably inside the building without any risk of an outside threat. With such a system working on the evening shift or overnight is also safe as no unauthorised people can get access.

Create a record of activity

It is always a difficult task to keep the record of the employee who comes and goes. But with the access system, the employer can easily keep a record of who has entered and exited the building. Hence it becomes easier to track the attendance of the employee as well as their activities. With CC-TV camera surveillance the employer can easily see whether the employee is doing their assigned duties or not and with that the performance of the employee also greatly improved.

Restrict access to certain areas

With the help of access control and CCTV surveillance, it also becomes easier for the employer to provide restrictions to certain areas within the office. This restricted access is required when you work with sensitive data, high-value materials, or doing any kind of dangerous activity. With access control, the employer can provide restrictions of access on areas like labs, storage, production areas, etc. whereas can give access to other office space like a reception area or sitting room for the outside people as well.

The planning and installation of the access control system need expert intervention. Select the right vendor for this purpose. In the long run, it will save lots of money and valuable time for management.

In addition to the robust security measures discussed, it's also vital to consider specialized security systems for offices. These systems offer tailored solutions that cater specifically to the unique needs of office environments, ensuring a higher level of protection and peace of mind for both employees and management.

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