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March 17, 2023

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Ali Abdaal is a 26 year old British, Junior Doctor and Youtuber with over 1.9 million subscribers. He is the founder/creator of the 'Part-Time YouTuber Academy', an academy that aims to increase your following from 0 - 100,000+ subscribers. Ali himself grew his own channel from 0 - 100,000 within the space of 18 months and now earns over 100k per month through his side hustle.

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  • How to Get 2 Million YouTube Subscribers
  • The Part-Time YouTubers Academy

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How To Get 2 Million YouTube Subscribers

As part of the 100th episode special, Robin Waite interviews popular YouTuber and junior doctor Ali Abdaal to The Fearless Business Podcast. In this episode, Ali tells listeners how they can successfully promote audience growth on their YouTube Channels and shares his unique formula for creating a successful YouTube Channel.

Starting Out on YouTube

Ali’s earliest content on YouTube consisted of educational videos related to his degree in medicine. However, he noticed that many people searched for answers that he was well-versed in and decided to provide them through a YouTube video. This grew to be a method Ali would routinely implement when creating content for his YouTube Channel, providing answers for what people are searching for. He claims that you don’t need to go overboard with buying expensive equipment or video editing software. In fact, Ali filmed the majority of his videos on his iPhone. According to Ali, it’s the content that matters and how strategic you are with marketing and uploading it.

He advises listeners to take the time out and look at what’s trending and create content based on that. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure your video gets seen quickly, gain you subscribers and ultimately grow your YouTube channel.

Ali’s Formula For YouTube Uploads

Ali says that a channel with 1 million subscribers has uploaded 4000 YouTube videos altogether. This means, on average, you’d need to have uploaded 418 videos to get 10k to 100k subscribers and 152 for your first thousand subscribers.

After he figured out these statistics, Ali started uploading videos at least twice a week, once he got serious about becoming a YouTuber. This, with his content strategy combined, enabled him to hit 10k subscribers with just 91 videos in 6 months. Of course, Ali appreciates that this is entirely dependent on your niche and what you put out there. But, to gain a rapid amount of subscribers in a short amount of time means you must be present on the platform and consistent.

He also recommends that every budding YouTuber should download Tubebuddy. TubeBuddy is a browser extension that lets you get more views and increase subscribers by providing you with tools that help you optimise your content in the fastest time possible. In addition, they have tools such as the thumbnail split tester and keyword researcher, which allows you to publish your video.

A Channel’s Purpose

According to Ali, if a popular Youtuber says their intentions behind creating YouTube videos are purely passionate, they aren’t 100%. Of course, everyone on YouTube wants to generate money from their YouTube channel. It would be silly not to. However, as James Jani quotes in his episode, Ali believes that you will ultimately fail if you aren’t passionate about the content you upload. Ali initially started uploading content because he wanted to share his passion for medicine. He says that YouTube takes an incredible amount of time, effort and patience to start producing the results you desire, so you got to at least have some fun during the whole process. This will also decrease your chances of burnout further down the line.

Optimising Your Titles and Thumbnails

Although Tubebuddy is a great platform to help you choose your title and thumbnails, there are also many organic hacks to help generate more views on YouTube.

When choosing your title, Ali recommends that you brainstorm title ideas then start typing them into the google search bar. Once you have done so, a load of suggestions will pop up. Those suggestions aren’t just random. They are the most popular searches that internet users have been researching that day. If possible, use those suggestions as your title on YouTube and hopefully, someone will search and stumble onto your video. This also works with the YouTube search bar.

As much as click-baiting has its controversies, by Ali’s standards, if it’s relevant, it’s okay. Ali believes YouTube is past the days of brightly coloured thumbnails with scantily clad women on the cover. Instead, he recommends using text and including human faces wherever possible on the thumbnail; this way, viewers will click onto your thumbnail and be intrigued by the subject matter.


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