What Colour Scheme Should Your Business Branding Be?

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June 26, 2024

When your business is in its early days, certain elements of its design and aesthetic aren’t usually nailed down. This is natural and likely because you’re playing with different decisions to see what works and what doesn’t. Every now and again you’ll make progress and find something that you want to keep, other times you’ll simply discover that something isn’t working as well as you expected it to.

That’s okay, though, as that’s all part of the process. However, something that you might try to decide on quite early into your marketing campaigns is the primary colour that you would like to associate with your brand. This is because you want people to be able to make an immediate, visual connection to your business and getting this decided early can help you to avoid confusion.

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Your Website

If this is a decision that you’re making quite early on, you’ll likely want to design your website with this in mind, so that you retain that element of consistency and start to develop that association in your potential customers’ minds right away. If you don’t yet have a website or are struggling to complete the process with the resources that you have at your disposal, you might consider hiring professionals to help you complete the process and achieve a result that can best represent your business. If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in, enlisting the help of companies such as those found at Bluelinemedia.co.uk can quickly help you achieve results.

If this is the route that you decide to take, you can then go about working with these professionals to sculpt the website that you want and gives your prospective customers the best impression of your business. Part of this process will be deciding on the imagery and design of the website; here you can implement marketing that you’ve already used for your brand or perhaps go in a new direction with a fresh look. You want to avoid imagery and colour schemes that are already heavily associated with famous brands such as social media, instead opting for something that aims to be both unique and simple as to forge a differentiated identity.

The Mood That You’re Going For

The type of mood and atmosphere that you’re trying to create entirely depends on the kind of business that you’re running. If you’re looking to provide a professional service, you in turn look to develop a professional look. Monochromatic colours are a good option to reflect this serious nature.

Alternatively, if the services that you provide are more focused around hospitality, maybe focusing on certain types of foods or drinks, you want to introduce some more ‘fun’ colours in order to reflect this. This is especially pertinent if the atmosphere you’re aiming to cultivate in your establishment is intended to be a relaxing one. Using multiple colours in your branding, especially in your logo, can quickly get messy, but if you’re careful to use them in moderation, you’ll be able to create something that accurately captures the spirit of your brand.

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